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  1. Y'all aren't gonna cover 5 movies if I put them up. I would much rather cultivate single movies that deserve to stand alone as a suggestion. I have one such suggestion. 'The Last Heist.' It's a movie on Netflix in which they take half of a heist movie (and I mean literally half, only the day of the heist is in the movie with no character building or dialogue to round anybody out) and the other half is a horror gore movie starring Henry Rollins as a vaguely religious serial killer who doesnt want to be there. Smashed together, they make for a confusing ride. Oh and best of all, there's a tweedle Dee and tweedle dumbass. It's a movie that truly begs the question, how in the hell did this get made!?!?! The villain changes 4 times! For your consideration. Thank you for the amazing podcast and congrats on the new baby!! The new HDTGM is always the first thing I listen to before all the other weekly podcasts. Y'all are simply the best!