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    Episode 146 - Dreamcatcher

    I'd guess the way the snow pile was undisturbed and how much he was covered he must've dove face first into the bank. I think my only surprise was that their mindlink or whatever didn't give his position away anyway. He obviously knew Gray-Jonesy was coming his way, so how did it not work in reverse? I was wondering if "Ripley" was an Alien reference. It makes sense anyway. Oh, thinking back on the military scenes, it really bothered me when the alien ship was going to self-destruct that the other pilots disobeyed the order to pull away even though they were told it was going to self-destruct. Also did the base only have the one helicopter left when Freeman goes on his little revenge flight? Was there no way someone could follow him in another copter, or was he just not worth pursuing? lol
  2. JammerLea

    Episode 146 - Dreamcatcher

    I'm glad they mentioned the toothpick bathroom scene, but come on, where's the peanut butter?? I'd like to say that for a two hour movie, it really flew by, so I guess I enjoyed it to an extent. I think what disappointed me the most about this film was the whole setup that Duddits passes off these powers so these kids can help save the world, and then when it comes to be their time to use the powers for said duty, one dies immediately, apparently because Mr. Gray says he has nothing in his head, and another is seen as useful, but then killed after one use. Not even directly after, Mr. Gray seemed to have the intent of using him again, but whatever. I mean, it wouldn't make sense to all of them to reach the end unscathed, but one would think they could use their powers to last a LITTLE BIT LONGER, or at least show some usefulness as a character. Beaver obviously got the short end of the stick. This story tries to be too many things and ends up unsuccessful at being any of them. The memory warehouse had a charm to it when it was first introduced, but serving as a mere prison for much of the movie really was a shame. I think it'd be a much more interesting story if maybe it was a slice of life story about how the group bungles their powers, or if it was more of a comedy horror, rather than taking itself so seriously most of the time. Especially with the cartoony personality of Mr. Gray as the villain. I'm glad Duddits chose his favorite cartoon to be Scooby-Doo, since that franchise is forever. Would love to know his opinion on the live-action movie. QUESTION: I get that Jonesy walks with a limp because of the car accident, but why does he also limp when he's within his memory warehouse??
  3. JammerLea

    Episode 145.5 - Minisode 145.5

    I checked my roommate's copy, but it's on one of those "4 Film Favorites" packs. (Whose favorite? WHOSE?) No commentary there. I took a quick glance at the listing on Amazon, but it doesn't list any special features. The back of the 4 pack one does say it includes the "Original Ending and 4 Other Lifted Scenes". God this reminded me of one of my college roommates and it makes me SO ANGRY!!!
  4. JammerLea

    Episode 145.5 - Minisode 145.5

    Sorry to jump off topic here but OMG GUYS DID YOU SEE THIS http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/room-director-tommy-wiseau-star-937339 NEW WISEAU/SESTERO FILM?? I need a release date!!!
  5. JammerLea

    Episode 145.5 - Minisode 145.5

    Listened to the minisode while doing some art tonight and my roommate got EXTREMELY EXCITED about Dreamcatcher because she has it on DVD, so we immediately watched that trainwreck after the minisode. Didn't even realize it was two hours long. Wow. Wooow.
  6. JammerLea

    Night of the Demons (1987)

    I just watched this last night as my roommate rented it from netflix and yeah, it's definitely worth a recommendation for entertainingly bad. I laughed a good few times. Also fun to note are the random changes in film quality in some scenes. First and most notably being a scene where the camera spins around from within the circle of teens. It's obviously a handheld camera lol The setting was interesting, being an old abandoned mortuary, I think they did an... okay job of making it seems expansive, despite the limited rooms that get explored. It was dark and confusing, and super dirty, yet somehow that's a great invitation for horny teens to fool around. I guess tetanus IS the least of their worries.
  7. Oh my god. I don't watch superhero shows, but seeing that pile of bullshit makes me want to watch it. What is wrong with people?!
  8. Finally got a chance to watch this movie and listen to the ep! What a ride! First of all, this movie was extra depressing as it reminded me of all the things I hated about high school, minus vampires and magic of course. But I do have some questions. What is the Moroi and Dhampir society? I know nothing of the books, but going from the movie all we have is... a high school and a church. Which is amazingly important enough that the QUEEN OF MOROI gives special assemblies to. The students react with an almost eye-rolling response to the horns signaling she's about to give a speech, so it seems like a common thing. The auditorium is full of teenagers. The queen, the current top ruler of all 12 Moroi royal families, proceeds to call up a teenaged princess and degrade her in front of the whole student body, an incredibly petty motion for someone who is ruling over TWELVE ROYAL FAMILIES. Doesn't she have better things to do? It sets forth this feeling that the world of Moroi and Dhampir doesn't exist beyond St. Vlad's Academy, when that's obviously not the case. Where's the rest of the society? What do they do? Do they know their queen is visiting a high school for the sole purpose of degrading a 17 year old girl (twice)? The... ignorance of the students in regards to the outside world is bizarre. Though I believe it was stated that the school has its own version of internet and possibly social media and they have computers and other technology. It's like pop culture and connections to the outside world are banned, but to what purpose? Obviously there are times where they interact with the outside world (i.e. mall trip), but why cut the kids off from things that might benefit them once they graduate from the academy? Maybe they're like the Amish in a way, I don't know. It seems unnecessary. I think the biggest question I have though is what was up with Ms. Karp? Like when she used compulsion on Rose, she made it seem like there's some horrible, deadly threat looming about that is worse than the Strigoi, and later in the videos we see she regrets not leaving with Rose and Lyssa. Then the movie reveals the biggest threat to be Victor, whose dastardly plan is equal to that of Mother Gothel in Tangled. Am I to believe that Karp turned herself into a Strigoi to avoid THAT lame excuse at villainy, or is there a deeper, twisted plot that is revealed later in the books?
  9. JammerLea

    Episode 143 - Gods of Egypt

    Oh man, I never thought about any of that! How did the blind Horus not fall? Maybe someone kept bringing him lettuce. Okay, I want to share exactly what broke my brain at the beginning of the movie. The VERY first scene fades in and pans out on this. This figure is Aten, the sun disk. The rays coming down from it end in hands or ankhs and is one of the things I remember decently from my art history class. The pharaoh Amenhotep took the sun disk from Ra (that circle over his head in ancient art), set it up as the deity of his own religion, and changed his name to Akhenaten (note the "aten" at the end). Akhenaten basically set up Aten as the only god, banned the others, and said the only one who could talk to Aten was himself. This left the cult of Ra none too happy. This new religion ended after Akhenaten and Nefertiti's rule. When Akhenaten's son Tutankhaten became pharaoh, the cult of Ra came back into power, and Tutankhaten became Tutankhamun, whom we all know pretty well. Akhenaten was not thought of highly by later successors, and I believe they kind of tried to sweep that bit of history under the rug. So for this movie to focus on the gods from the cult of Ra, but open upon an IMAGE OF ATEN was just completely baffling to me. I couldn't handle it. I still cannot find the words to express exactly how frustrated it makes me.
  10. JammerLea

    Episode 143 - Gods of Egypt

    My roommate was joking about her decomposing from the moment they hid her away lol She must've smelled great. Thinking on what little I remember from Egyptian tombs, it may not be unusual for a pharaoh's tomb to have extra chambers for treasure or servants, since they believe whatever they were buried with would be taken to the afterlife (servants could be sacrificed, lucky them lol). But thinking back on it now, an empty hidden space under the steps or whatever seems rather pointless. And yeah, how did Set know of it? Maybe it was some secret hiding spot the family would use to pass notes. For that matter, if Set was familiar with the tomb, and knew blind Horus was hanging out there, why didn't he try to finish him off earlier? Why was the burial chamber even open to access by commoners? And why was it surrounded by a seemingly bottomless pit? I am remembering that correctly, right? So many questions...
  11. JammerLea

    Episode 143 - Gods of Egypt

    Hey! I joined just to comment on this movie too! I have to start off with saying that at the very start of Gods of Egypt, all I could manage in response to anything were a few unintelligible grunts. My roommate had to pause the movie a few times before my brain caught up. I had to do more separation of actual Ancient Egyptian mythology and whatever mythology this film was setting up. The biggest failure for me with this movie was the inability to properly introduce a number (most) of the characters. So afterwards I spent time on Wikipedia trying to figure out who was who and what god was what and how they were related and just ended up even MORE confused. That family tree is INSANE and inconsistent. Also bless everyone who mentioned the lettuce story. If the lettuce scene in the movie wasn't a subtle nod to that, I will be incredibly disappointed. I will definitely say that I WAS disappointed that they did not make use of Ammit, the Devourer of the Dead, with the scales of justice. Would've much more enjoyed the scene if she was there to eat the ones who didn't pass the feather test. Come on! Should've spent the effects budget on that rather than throwing in that impossible-to-understand Sphinx. Basically an overall WHAT from me. But still more entertaining than The Shadow.