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  1. I rewatched this last night and my roommate had a hard time getting through it, but I still love it lol Yeah, the stories is pretty mediocre, but the animation and bizarre creativity that went into it is really fun to me, maybe because I'm an artist lol.

    I'd say this definitely introduced me to a few of the lesser known songs too.

    Again there were originally two versions of this movie, as the US version had the "Hey, Bulldog" sequence cut. I originally saw it on VHS from a movie rental so I missed out on that. I finally got to see it when it was finally rereleased in full in 1999 and I think it's probably my favorite part now (and one of my favorite songs). The four-headed dog is pretty cute somehow.


    This also inspired me to reupload my old Yellow Submarine website, so here's that in mostly unedited embarrassment. Please don't share, it is not good. XD;

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  2. OKAY! Back with my pick! Decided to go with one that's been on my list for a while. Something that has been near and dear to my heart for a long time. 

    So without further ado, I present to you:



    I've watched this movie so much I can recite a number of lines lol It's silly and full of dumb jokes, so I hope it will be enjoyable.

    There's technically two versions of this film, but I think the one with the "Hey, Bulldog!" sequence, which should be the one that's more commonly available now. The original American version didn't include that sequence, just in case anyone comes across that one.

    (I used to have a website on geocities dedicated to this movie back in 1999. I was a sad teenager lmao)


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  3. Wait, Paul is a contestant?? I need to catch up!

    We watched the holiday season last year because we saw Jason was on it, and I flipped my shit when I saw one of the contestants was my fave writing teacher from college (not in the ep with Jason though). Pretty much binged the whole thing in a day. Such a good show!

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  4. 4 hours ago, Robert Denby said:

    At the end, when Marian and Jimmy let Abobo drive, Jimmy tells Marian that it’s Billy in Abobo’s body. But didn’t Jimmy have the “possess other people’s body” part of the medallion? It really ruined the movie for me.  

    According to what we see in the movie, the Soul half lets a person turn into a ghost being who can possess other people's bodies, and the Body half makes the user impervious to physical harm. There's zero information indicating that the Body half can possess bodies, and it wouldn't make sense. Jimmy is just a frigging idiot at that moment.

    And on that topic, the use of the medallions bothers me, specifically the Body half, because as we saw, it made it so Billy could survive crashing through a concrete wall (I assume they were going for concrete since there was rebar?). A person normally wouldn't have enough force to break through a wall like that, so I can only assume the Body medallion made Billy's body rock hard. But then a moment later Shuko-Jimmy punches off bits of the wall bare-handed, which I don't think he should be able to do since there's nothing indicating that the Soul half grants physical superhuman abilities.

    Likewise, Billy procedes to beat the shit out of his possessed brother. The one who has a magical body strong enough to crash through concrete unscathed beats up his own brother whose only "power" is just that Shuko is controlling him. This should have been the fight to the death. Jimmy should be dead lol

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  5. 1 hour ago, tomten3000 said:

    It was the 90s, and I remember thinking, "Huh, that's kinda cool." Because, 90s.

    The whole thing is just very 90s fashion-wise. Hers makes me think someone tried to do a sort of custom casual-aerobics outfit. It has a somewhat athletic feel.

    I didn't get why the Lee Bros tried to look at her butt when she was picking up the gangnet device when she first appears with the Power Corp. She's wearing that long coat, what do you expect to see? Lol

    Knowing now the, uh, end of the game, it struck me more how both bros got excited too get a look at her ass, even though Jimmy acted less interested at times, maybe under the right conditions they would fight to the death over her! Where is that sequel?!

  6. 6 hours ago, Cam Bert said:

    I had to go over to his camp site and surrounded by both our families give him two quarters and apologize for killing him in the game.

    Oh my god, Cam Bert, that is TRAGIC. I want to laugh, but I'm also REALLY SAD. Also, what a sore loser!

    I finished listening to the ep and read through everything. Really cool hearing some behind-the-scenes stories!

    I'm a little sad that I missed the cut-off for Corrections and Ommissions, but honestly I'm not sure that I'd have anything good to add since I just had such nostalgia for the movie. Though watching now that I'm older, I did understand more of the jokes and references. 

    I will say I'm surprised that no one seemed to mention The Warriors as possible inspiration for all the crazy costumed gangs.

    Specifically what was up with the middle-aged gang members dressed up like schoolboys?? Honestly terrifying.

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  7. Just popping in quick because I just finished rewatching the movie, but I won't have time to listen to the episode until tomorrow morning at work.


    I loved this movie unironically when I was younger. Like enough that I still have a copy of it on VHS. I was ecstatic to find a used copy of Double Dragon on DVD in time for this episode. I don't know, guys. I don't know how to critique this yet. I know it's incredibly stupid, but I still have a fond nostalgia for this movie lmao (help)

    Anyway, I will listen to the ep tomorrow and get back and read everyone's comments. Cannot wait!


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  8. On 4/25/2019 at 3:20 PM, tomspanks said:

    I can't believe this scene wasn't in the version I watched!  Other than that, I didn't hate the remake.  I guess they took out the Christianity aspect of the plot and replaced it with a self-help tape?  

    When Sammich found the Cage version on TV last week, it was missing the bee scene as well, which is a tragedy imo, because it's one of, if not the best scene.

    I'm really glad everyone seems to have enjoyed the original though! It definitely surprised me when I first watched it, especially the musical element. I definitely consider it horror, though it does seem subdued by today's standards. I certainly appreciate how well built the story is, and how normal the island society appears at first glance, as opposed to the obviously bizarre community that Cage visits. It makes it a bit more realistic. And I love that Howie gets to leave them with a curse.

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  9. 8 hours ago, grudlian. said:

    One thing In curious about is the different efforts of this movie. I watched the theatrical edit (87 minutes) but looking on imdb and other places, there is a longer version called the director's cut and a version commonly called "middle version".

    My main question, because I can't find anything concrete, is regarding the middle version. A lot of places say it's more in chronological order than the theatrical cut. But the theatrical cut is in chronological order as far as I can tell. Has anyone seen the other editions? How is the theatrical edition not chronological?

    The blu-ray we have is The Final Cut (approx 94 mins) and seems to be the "middle version" according to the info on wikipedia. But I haven't seen the other versions to know how it compares. It seemed to flow pretty well imo, so I guess the chronology helps.

    3 hours ago, Cameron H. said:

    This is my first time watching this, so for people who have seen this before, what’s your take on the nude bedroom dancing scene? I loved the music playing in the background and the forbidding “thumps” on the wall. And I liked the idea of her tempting him to make sure he was “pure.” But, damn, Howie acts like a real weirdo in that scene - lol.

    I only saw the film once prior, so I had forgotten some of what happens, but I think that's one of my favorite scenes in the film. The song is really great and it has a lot of emotion between Willow's beckoning dance and Howie's obvious frustration as he resists her temptation. It definitely seems like a weird reaction, but he knows what she is trying to do and he's fighting so hard to remain true to his Christian values. Ironically, giving in to the temptation might've saved him, idk

    There's so much more thought put into the original. Even the costume that Sgt Howie steals is significant.

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  10. There's so much to the original that just builds a wilder, but more solid story I think. The conflict of religion is a big one. I also like how developed the island is, so that you only realize something is off by the behavior of its inhabitants. The virgin sacrifice aspect too is not part of the Cage version.

    The songs just add to the atmosphere. They are used so naturally, but are rather unsettling.

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  11. On 3/5/2019 at 1:46 PM, DeathToMikeyBay said:

    ....It starts with the main character as a child. She rides up to her house on a bike, dumps the bike on the lawn, then enters the house and witnesses her mother hanging herself. We then see the title announce "Ten years later" and the bike is still in the exact same spot on the lawn.

    It's not even like the lawn is really overgrown, so someone would have had to pick up the bike every time the lawn was mowed and then put it back in the exact same spot. Like no one gave it any thought at all lol

  12. Yooo! I'm still too busy with life to keep up proper, but I wanted to share that I finally got off my lazy bum (I mean... not really, I'm in a chair) and updated my Musical Mondays spreadsheet so it's current!

    ~Click Here~

    I couldn't find the thread where tomspanks picked Flower Drum Song (if there is one), but everything else is there.

    I'll be back in next round for my turn. I think I'll have time and I have an idea of what I want to pick.

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  13. I'm so confused. I was trying to search JustWatch to see what streaming services have the Harry and Meghan film available, however, all but two of the options for it are linking to a 52 min documentary about them instead. The two that do work are BUY links and that's NOT WHAT I WANT.

    But yeah, Paul said that he watched the film on Hulu and thought it was still available. I guess not.

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  14. Wish Upon is only what I can describe as a horror movie for tweens written by someone who's not in tune with teenagers. It's about a teen girl who receives a magic box that grants wishes, but each time it does, someone she knows dies! It is pedictable, the box's rules make no sense, her wishes are ridiculous, the deaths are crazy, and there are pop song music montages. I laughed. So. Damn. Hard. I wanted to cry.

    Seriously please consider this film, it is absolutely amazing and feels perfect for HDTGM.

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  15. 7 minutes ago, Cameron H. said:

    Look, I’m fully capable of looking like I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about on my own - lol. But don’t give partial context and then say I should have given more or call me out for being lazy. I mean, if it was that bad, don’t read it. That’s fine. But don’t present a false narrative.

    I'm guessing for this one someone else collected a couple comments from the thread for Paul to read, but only copied part of your post, so Paul probably had no idea that you provided an example.


    Oh well 😂

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