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  1. So, I rewatched the hint of creature we get when Eddie rests his elbow on the tank. It's really not clear, but it's definitely not a shirt




    I know a screenshot doesn't really help, but the way it flows through the water is more like hair, with strands flowing about. It reminded me more of the tail on something like a fancy tailed betta fish.




    Also, a couple other things that came to mind while rewatching a bit for the tank creature...


    1. Eddie Arkadian wants to take Laura out for dinner to get her interested in his girlfriend's video. If he can't wait the four weeks it'd take to book a slot on the show... why doesn't HE enter the dance contest?? I mean, of course he'd have to hire someone, the man has the moves of a frog, but come on. There were various opportunities to play fair.


    2. When whatever sound guy with that obnoxious metallic jacket is trying to beg Laura to go to dinner with Eddie, she tells him to go to the police if he's being threatened. If she has that much common sense, why doesn't she DO THAT HERSELF when she's attacked?


    3. An observation... the video jukebox in the pizza shop is actually one of Arkadian's jukeboxes. It has an "Arkadian" logo on the front. That totally explains why it was playing Angela's video, which is a sneaky, but still fairer way to get her video to the public. Probably also explains why Eddie has 5 jukeboxes in his office... maybe...

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  2. Just finished listening to the ep at work, and I feel like I'll have to check when I get home, but I interpreted that swish of whatever in the fish tank to be a long fin. I wasn't looking closely, so maybe I misinterpreted, or it was just a bad effect.


    Also when Leroy dunks Eddie's head in the tank his intentions were to get Eddie to cool off. It was meant to be innocent, not threatening.

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  3. Just to add on to this. Numerous major pro-wrestler have wrestled in Japan at some point. Either while they were big or before they were big. Pro wrestling is still big in Japan where a lot of it is still very kayfabe, while at the same time having a few promotions dedicated to more comedic wrestling. However wrestling is not as big as it use to be and it's accessibility is not once it use to be either. As a result a lot of the fans are older and fans don't know that much about WWE or their current roster. A lot of the older wrestlers particularly from the 80s are still remembered fondly. Some other wrestlers that are well know are Dusty Rhodes, Vader, Stan Hansen, Abdullah the Butcher, Bruiser Brody, Andre the Giant, and Terry Funk.


    At least Pokemon isn't letting wrestling die with their 6th gen release



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  4. Yeah, I called with a forum-specific message as well (two actually) and am pretty relieved they didn't get played. My sense is that if they let forum-heavy calls in to the EHL it makes it all the more cliquey and might open the floodgates to other in-jokes for this specific group. I doubt they'd want that, but maybe I'm over thinking it.

    Well, I mean the only reason I tried calling in was because Paul was posting asking for people from the forums to call so...


    But yeah, I don't think I'd want it to seem like a clique thing either.

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  5. What was your call about?

    I mentioned how Taylor, Fister, Sammich and I all got together for a forum party for the Austin show, and then went into how we had a complaint because Jason never visited the balcony like he said he was going to, and I asked if some reprimanding was due. So it was just to pick on Jason, but it came out super awkward thanks to my anxiety yaaay

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  6. In the forth one, Bloodline, the one that is on a space ship Adam Scott is in the part of the story that takes place in 18th century France. He's not the box maker but like the other main French guy. It's been years I can't remember anything more specific.

    Btw, Sammich is telling me I watched this one, but I really don't remember it. I think I'm definitely a June in the movie memory department.

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    I took that to mean that if it's gonna happen anyway, why not make it a better experience? To the 16-year-old Fielding, it would still be a "first" chance.


    Nooo, this was at the end of the movie, when non-Silva timeline Fielding walks past JCVD for the "first" time in 2004 and has no clue who he is. So she's already had her encounter with Bobby. God this movie is confusing...

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  8. How about the fact JCVD of the future gives his wife shit for not telling his past self that she's pregnant? When he asks her if she told him (and why should he have to ask? Shouldn't that memory just appear in his brain like a scar on actor/activist Ron Silva's cheek?), she says that his past self wouldn't give her a chance. He then tells her to "try harder." Hey, bro, it's not her fault that you're an inattentive, self-centered, douchebag.


    He also tells Fielding that she should give Bobby Morgan a second change, when Fielding clearly said that Bobby was a disappointment. Why the hell does he deserve a second chance? It's not like he knows Bobby personally.

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