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  1. Does 3D give anyone else a massive headache? I have to take the glasses off several times during a showing. I always find 2D more than enough (unless it's the Muppet movie at Disney)

    Sammich recently had me try watching the old Friday the 13th Part III 3D movie with the red/blue glasses. It totally gave me a headache. I think we switched to 2D about a 1/3rd of the way in. The 3D for current movies doesn't bother me AS much, but I prefer to pass it up. I don't even play my Nintendo 3DS with the 3D turned on.

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    But don't you think it's maybe a little more fitting if Timeline 1b is a loop? That is, goons kill Mia Sara -> JCVD becomes grizzled TEC agent -> Silva gets greedy and JVCD gets suspicious -> Silva sends goons to kill JCVD -> goons kill Mia Sara -> JCVD becomes grizzled TEC agent... etc etc. That way, Silva's time meddling is kind of coming back to bite him in the ass, by getting Timeline 1b stuck in a loop. It's only JCVD who has the buns and splits necessary to go back and avert the loop, forcing the creation of Timeline 1a. I think that's more heroic and probably more in tune with the director's original vision.


    OK I didn't follow that, but I think you had it the first time: Fielding tells JCVD, after all, that her father thought Timecopping was the most important career of the future. So that obviously had a huge influence on her, Silva or no Silva. In all timelines, she is a hard-working ambitious law enforcement agent with her eyes on the TEC. In Timeline 1b, Silva uses his sway with the agency to get Fielding a position on the condition that she works with him as a double agent. In Timeline 1a, there is no Silva, so someone with better moral character is running the agency and identifies Fielding as a dedicated, hard-working agent who deserves the job anyway. In Timeline 2, Silva is still running the agency but is rich from the cryo-chip, so when Fielding comes to apply he has no need for double agents nor hard-working diligent Timecops, so he puts the kibosh on her application and she doesn't get the job.


    Well, you know, Mia Sara is a dedicated historian of architecture, so when she commissioned the rebuild she really went for the whole effect, peeling paint and all.


    I think I can also explain the scar finally. It's mentioned earlier in this thread that Future Silva is shown complaining about the thing on his face before the injury to Past Silva actually takes place. That post chalks this up to bad editing. But I think we are obviously meant to glean from this that 2004 Timeline 1b Silva is putting on some kind of prosthetic scar, since he's been here before and knows that JCVD is going to injure 1994 TImeine 2 Silva, and he wants to fuck with JCVD's head a little. When the scar seemingly appears, that is Silva doing some sleight of hand to remove a piece of makeup hiding the prosthetic.


    You have put way more thought into this than I think I could ever hope to. I am quite impressed.



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  3. Guys, guys, chill, I got this.


    I kind of disagree. There still has to be one timeline where nothing happens to Mia or House, because nothing was supposed to happen to her or it. It was Silva who put that event in motion because JCVD was becoming a threat in 2004.


    I think it's more like Silva's goons going back to (unsuccessfully) kill JCVD ends up cancelling out that original timeline from Oct 10th, 1994 on, and then that second timeline replaces the original one.


    But there's still sooo many questions that are unanswered, especially in your chart as to why Fielding never joined TEC. I was thinking maybe it was that Silva had hired her from the start to infiltrate TEC as a double agent for his money schemes, and then after young Silva killed off the chip company partner, he didn't need to hire these double agents. However, Fielding is still part of TEC in the Silva-less branch, so that theory is incorrect. You could posit the idea that because JCVD gets evidence from injured Fielding in 1994, maybe Silva decided she too was a threat and went after her prior to her applying to TEC, but that doesn't really work either because then there'd be no reason to kill 2004 Fielding in 1994, and JCVD already has her blood evidence anyway (not that he needs it). Ugh... I don't even know what I'm trying to figure out anymore.







    Also I still don't think it would be a rebuild of the same house. I mean, I guess maybe she could've kept/found the original blue print somewhere, but they really should've given it a fresh coat of paint if they were going for that conclusion.


    One issue that remains unresolved is how 2004 Timeline 1b gets a scar from 1994 Timeline 2 Silva's injury... those are different Silvas!!


    I will agree on this, that this moment feels so out of place when JCVD (or his conciousness) is able to stay so separate from the time changes that occur. Pretty sure someone was just like, "Guys, I know how to do this cool special effect!!"

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  4. One of the things I wrote down a lot is that I had no idea that it was supposed to be 2004 for the longest time. Many times did I actually write, "Wait, what fuckin year is it?" and even went as far as to think that it was supposed to be 2020, because that at least makes sense for the amount of stuff that changes. Like Cam Bert said above, ten years is nothing in terms of going from 94 technology to laser guns and crazy self driving cars. 2004 was a ridiculous year and I wonder if just having a ten year old kid at the end was literally their only motivation for setting it a decade later.


    I think it's definitely just for the reason that they wanted the kid to be 10 years old. I was wondering if they might've been able to pull it off if instead they set the beginning in 2004 and then the future in 2014, but the answer is still a big fat NO. Back to the Future Part II was a least little bit better at suspending disbelief with the 20 year gap, even though it was still wrong.


    I have a section in my notes that is just


    What is this toy car?

    "Capable of eating his young"

    Srsly these cars

    Nothing besides the cars looks updated. "Play tape" lol


    I guess the cars just make me really angry from an artistic standpoint.

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  5. I wanted to write something about the weird self driving car and weird future guns they were using. Now it's a common problem in sci-fi to have way too advanced technology in the future. Take Back to the Future Part II, they jump 30 years into the future and now you have hoverboards and self tying shoes and hologram Jaws. In 30 years technology does change. A computer in 1977 is very different than one in 2007. Yet Timecop is only a 10 year jump into the future. That's not a long time. Take the iPhone which is 10 years old this year. It is different but is all that different? Also guns and cars are two things that don't change all that rapidly.


    The more I thought about this and the more I thought about how the chief was unaware JCVD was from a alternate present it got me to thinking. What if there was a mission in which the a timecop when back to stop somebody from doing something in the mid 90s. During this mission something like their futuristic minidisk player was left behind. Said timecop was murdered or stuck in the past and somebody found the minidisk player and through backwards engineering accelerated technological advancement. As the past was changed the events rippled out and they were unaware in the future that they had sent that timecop back so they can't fix the mistake but can then enjoy the new technology. This happens a few times and that's why in ten years you get future guns and self driving cars.

    So these leftover items would become OOPArts?

    I could get behind this, but there's still no excuse for that fugly car. Where did all the designers go?? I thought the turbo car in The Wraith, looked way more futuristic, and that model came out in 1984.

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  6. The fact of the matter is, based on the rules the movie itself sets up, Time Travel has no beneficial uses. You can't go to the future and it's illegal to go into the past for fear you might change something. Okay...so what's the point? Scrape it! Keep it out of the wrong hands you dodos!

    But then how are we gonna get more DNA for our dinosaur theme parks?

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  7. I'm gonna point out another time jump in the episode for those who weren't there. Early in the show, after June is introduced, you may hear periodically a light hissing sound. This was addressed during the show for a bit with Paul (I think) questioning if the theater was deflating. It ended up being a technical issue with June's mic, and the theater staff replaced it a bit later. I'm surprised they cut it out so seamlessly. I understand why, but it was pretty funny, so I'm a little sad lol

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  8. Okay, let me point out something else I had in my notes to get my mind off my sad phone call.


    After JCVD finds his wife's blood vial in the hospital, he returns to Rueben's room to say he's going to get her out of there. Rueben is unresponsive, to which JCVD turns her head over and she's obviously dead as her heart monitor flatlines immediately. This is due to the baddies poisoning her IV. Did anyone else find this to seem a bit off? Like I don't doubt that she would die, but shouldn't the heart monitor show signs of some sort of irregular heartbeat before flatlining?? It's perfectly normal until JCVD touches her face!

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  9. Guys, I think we should all agree now that changing his headstone is going too far.



    Yeah, they went through and changed the whoooooooole wiki article, including the section about his passing. orz





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  10. One of you nerds went through the entire wikipedia page for poor Ron Silver and changed every reference to his name to 'Actor/Activist Ron Silva'. That must have taken too much time so good on you.

    Aw, the vandalism has been removed already. I knew I should've taken a screenshot...

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  11. So, outside of the 2 JCVD the thing that firsttimecallerlongtimelistenr brought up that I wanted to talk about, there's also the exploding house logic.


    The house that blew up with the wife at the start of the movie is obviously the same house that is blown up the second time in the movie when she is saved.


    But at the end of the movie when he returns to 2004 and asks his car to take him home, where does it go? The UNBLOWN UP same exact house with his saved wife and his child he has no memory of because he's jumped into an alternate universe/timeline.



    Going off of what I just posted!!!


    Timeline two JCVD ends up in the 4th timeline and this is where he thwarts Silver, young and old, OUT OF EXISTENCE. Because young Silver ALSO no longer exists, he will never grow up to send his goons back to 1994 to blow ups JCVD's house!! So the end of the movie is sending us to a 5th timeline where Silver does not exist.


    And this is where time loops become rampant, because if Silver doesn't exist, there's no reason for JCVD to investigate him, which would then cancel out the events that led up to Silver's death, and... well... good luck thinking that through.



    My head hurts now...

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    Ok, but wouldn't that last JCVD head to back to the past, 1994, and then the original one from 2004 be the one who came back?


    I really hate time travel movies.

    The way this movie sets it up, 2004 JCVD is becoming more and more a separate entity from the timeline we started with. The above diagram doesn't cover everything.


    There must be, before the start of the movie one timeline where absolutely nothing happens to JCVD and his wife. He joins the time police, but then way in the future starts investigating Silver. Silver catches on to him, and sends his goons back to 1994. The whereabouts of this JCVD are UNKNOWN.


    2nd timeline starts with the above. The goons arrive in 1994, they attack JCVD but fail to kill him, however Mia dies. This JCVD gets to the year 2004, starts investigating Silver. This is the JCVD we follow for the rest of the movie. He ends up joining up with the girl who's the double agent. And their blast to the past to uncover Silver meeting young Silver is what sets off Silver's goal to go back to 1994 and kill young JCVD before he can become this badass time cop.


    Here we enter a third timeline, because when JCVD ends up back in the present, his boss doesn't know who he is. Meaning possibly one of these 1994 assassination attempts was successful, or somehow prevented/discouraged JCVD from joining the time cops, CORRECTION* he is not best friends with his boss anymore, leave the whereabouts of non-best friend timeline three JCVD as also UNKNOWN. Timeline two JCVD uses his knowledge of salty goulash to get a free trip back to 1994 to get evidence.


    So we enter timeline four, where JCVD at some point realizes that Silver and his goons have fucked with time and THAT'S why his wife ended up dead, giving him the permission to stop them, according to time cop rules, he's preventing their messing with the timeline to cancel out timeline two. This is all fine and dandy, except as stated above, this would leave timeline four with TWO JCVD's: the one who raised a kid and the one who is a lost remnant of timeline two.


    Because of how this film sets up that JCVD remains separate from the time changes that are being inflicted by his adventure, he never gains the memories of the life that he could have had in timelines 3 or 4, and thus cannot be the same JCVD who raises his kid. They're going to have some fun when timeline 4 JCVD gets home from work.


    Something like that. Feel free to expand or reinterpret.




    *Thank you SeanMatthewLeary for correcting my false memory of this insanity.

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  13. and talking about not understanding the consequences of changing the past when time traveling, maybe one of you time nerds can help me out here cause i think i've confused myself ... i'm not sure this is going to make any sense but i'll give it a go ...


    2004 JCVD went back to 1994, saved his wife and left her lying outside the house with the 1994 JCVD. then he travels back to 2004 and meets his 10 year old son who knows him as his father. So even though JCVD has no memory of the kid, the kid clearly knows him. So this kid must have been raised by the 1994 JCVD. But then our 2004 JCVD turns up and ....


    i guess what i'm trying to ask is .. are there now 2 JCVD's in 2004? The one doing all the time travel in this movie and the one who raised the kid for 10 years? because there was 2 JCVD's when he travels back to save his wife. and they both survived ...


    and if there's only one JCVD at the end of the movie (the guy we've been watching) where does the one who raised the kid go? he just disappears? he just went to work one day with 10 years of beautiful memories and then ... what?? just because our JCVD hops back into this timeline 1994 JCVD disappears???


    have i got this all wrong? ... my head hurts.

    I hate to say it, but this is where I feel that Time Chasers did it better.


    You really want your head to hurt, let's start discussing all the time loop issues.

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  14. I haven't listened to the episode yet, but I mean... I was there, SO-


    I just wanted to share one of my earliest notes from watching this movie, when the Confederate soldiers were attacked.


    "Horses seem okay against machine guns. Good breed."



    I totally also had notes on how the gold carbon dating doesn't work for both reasons listed previously.



    Also I kinda mentioned this to Taylor and Fister after the show, but this movie is not the first bit of time travel entertainment that I've seen touch upon the theory that the same matter cannot occupy the same space. My first introduction to the concept was from a 2001 Playstation 2 game called "Shadow of Destiny", in which two of its multiple endings involved a character coming into contact with themselves from a different time and then ceasing to exist.


    So I thought, oh maybe there's some scientific theory that goes into why this could be a thing, but after a quick google search, it seems that Timecop is most probably the originator of that time "law", and somehow that concept made it into this 2001 Japanese video game.


    The closest scientific principle seems to be the Pauli Exclusion Principle, which the basic concept seems to be a general rule that an object cannot occupy the same space and time as another object. This means time travel would be very difficult to accomplish, because if you travel back in time to a street corner to the exact spot where someone or something else already exists... there's going to be a problem. I didn't delve too much into this, as it's too complicated for my understanding, but if this is the principle that Timecop's law is based on, they got a few details wrong.

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