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  1. Buggenhagen

    Loud Theater Audiences

    Noisy audiences really aren't a thing over here in Scotland (or in the UK in general) unless you're at a horror festival or midnight screening etc. I've had a few great noisy audience experiences in the States though, my favourite being seeing Grindhouse (the full thing as originally intended) on opening night on 42nd Street in NYC. My girlfriend at the time and I were pretty smashed and it was a riot seeing it with a whooping crowd.
  2. Buggenhagen


    I can definitely see the arguments for the inclusion of The Blair Witch Project in the canon but I just have to vote no on a personal level because it made me so sick. I'm very prone to motion sickness in video games (I can't play 1st person games at all) but it doesn't happen much in the cinema. The Blair Witch Project is one of the few times where it has hit me in the cinema and it was so bad that I was actually physically sick in the screening. All I remember of the whole film is a few of the interviews at the start, having my eyes closed and struggling to not be sick for the majority of the rest of the film and then the guy facing the wall at the end. I accept all the reasons for it's addition from the episode, and won't be bothered that it does make it into the canon, but it has to be a no from me.
  3. Buggenhagen

    Episode #91: LABYRINTH

    Yeah, I thought that was interesting too. I can see where they're coming from but I had just never thought about it like that before. I loved it at the time, as much as I loved Neverending Story, Flight Of The Navigator etc etc. 9 year old me certainly didn't think of it as a film for girls.
  4. Buggenhagen

    Episode #91: LABYRINTH

    I'm a soft "yes" on Labyrinth. Although it's definitely a movie that I love I can see the arguments for not including it in the canon. I think that my strong attachment to it began when I was taken to see an exhibition of Henson puppets that preceded the cinema release of the film here in the UK. By the time I was taken to see it (I was 9 at the time) I'd already spent a day marvelling at the creations that I'd see in the final film. Seeing the full sized Ludo and the fire creatures, amongst the others, and learning about how they worked really got me excited to see the final product. I've returned to it occasionally throughout my life and I always enjoy it, despite the obvious flaws (which have been thoroughly gone over in the show and on here so I don't need to retread them). I'm voting yes but don't really care either way - it won't change my enjoyment of it anyway. One other thing - having seen the film in the cinema, then on VHS and DVD many times, it wasn't until I watched the blu ray on my projector that I noticed details like the walls of the labyrinth being sparkly. Some of the details in the set design are unbelievable and still impressive today. If you have the opportunity to watch it big in HD then I'd highly recommend that you do.