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  1. JayinKorea

    Dolemite (1975)

    I would like this movie reviewed, "Dolemite (1975)". Because of the recent movie starring Eddie Murphy "Dolemite Is My Name (2019)", it made me want to go back and watch this movie. It's a bad movie that has a major history and made its money back and then some. Rudy Ray Moore has an interesting back story and why he wanted to make this movie. I want to know how much was real and made up about this movie.
  2. JayinKorea

    National Lampoon's Men in White (1998)

    I found two links on youtube that are viewable. Still looking for other copies as well.
  3. I'm recommending "Men in White," because of how many movies National Lampoon has produced, and this is possibly the worst. The actors in this movie have done some good work in their careers. Also, they only kept this on VHS. It's so bad that they did not reproduce it on DVD. Mild mannered Garbage Men by day, Men in white by night. But when I was younger, me and my brother laughed so much. Watching it now, is cringe worthy. What do you guys think?
  4. After almost falling asleep in the beginning of the movie. And no this doesn't make since.... Is he really In love?? OMG. HOW DID THIS GET MADE???
  5. JayinKorea

    Half Past Dead (2002)

    Just saw this recently..... And Thank you... How did this get made.... you ruined my child like enjoyment. haha. I thought it was good when I was a kid. Now I'm looking at it and can do nothing but rip it apart. The main issue I have are all the cut scenes when they fight.