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  1. I don't know, this was maybe the first CBB in forever that hasn't gotten a single laugh out of me. I don't think it's anyone's fault, just felt like the mojo was missing or the chemistry was off all around. I came here to see if it was just me, maybe my mood was lousy before I tried listening, and also because it took me several attempts across two weeks to finish this EP - which is something that rarely happens, I usually devour these in one go or at least on the same day, and here I tuned in for this week's new episode and saw that I that still had 20 minutes left of this one. At some point I guess I skipped to Ep.448 because this just wasn't happenin' for me. Not knowing any of the guests on the show whatsoever, I don't think I had any preconceptions or expectations. But damn, what a comment thread! I guess I shouldn't say anything about the millennial vocal fry making me want to shove a dull pencil into my eardrums then, eh? (Couldn't tell if it was a real voice or an in-character voice half the time but it doesn't matter now..)

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  2. Emmy headlines reminded me to come back here and say, 1) Jon Gabrus shut your pie-hole next time and 2) I can finally listen to the rest of this podcast now that I've seen Stranger Things. Did it occur to anybody that maybe not everyone had seen that amazing show by August 15th? I hadn't. Good job with the spoilers guys, glad I turned it off before the WHOLE show was ruined rather than just a part... I mean I don't wanna be like one of the Portlandia 'No Spoilers!" people, but c'mon.


    I love Gabrus but next time keep something handy to shove in his pie-hole long enough to warn us ;)