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    Episode #92: STAND BY ME

    I think the strength of Stand By Me is the tenderness between Gordy and Chris, and I completely see some of the homoeroticism Devin mentions (if thats the word he used). I don't completely think it is the case, that there is anything romantic between them, but the fact that those young actors could achieve that level of tenderness is pretty moving to me. It's a movie that effects me, but falls short of shaking me up emotionally. So it's definitely a soft no for me. It's also incredibly comforting to hear one person, let alone both Devin and Amy, say that STRANGER THINGS is "alright" or "fine". Some of the more blatant nostalgia pandering makes the world feel a lot more artificial and dishonest.Though I could imagine enjoying it more if I hadn't seen so many of its influences.