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  1. watchyourblue

    Episode 308 - Hard Knocks

    Great episode. I love these more experimental eps. Anyone know if this one is in reference to anything like many of the previous armenisodes?
  2. watchyourblue

    Episode 119 - A Forest

    God, Colleen Smith needs to be in everything. I love her improv-brain so much.
  3. watchyourblue

    Episode 497 - Wait Awhile

    So Lindsey Cumdrop needs to come back with ALW right? I really enjoyed this character.
  4. I agree! I laughed my way through this in a way I haven't done with a new podcast in a really long time.
  5. watchyourblue

    I just called to say...

    I love this show. Comedic commentary on point and really the perfect weekly dose of american politics for this swedish person. I only wish the episodes were longer.
  6. watchyourblue

    Episode 146 - Dreamcatcher

    I love all the discussions here, really I do. But all we need to talk about for the next couple of years is this scene: Seriously Jonesy CALLS on a godamm telephone from his mind palace to Tom Jane, who picks up with a GUN. How come SIzemore didn't just stop the car right there and be like: "My mistake, you're clearly crazy. Now get out of my car."
  7. watchyourblue


    Thank you. These two paragraphs were perfect.
  8. Well, I actually think there is a comedy in here. The use of 80s/90s high school movie troupes(like the ugly girl played by a beautiful actress + glasses, the clichéed bullying, the bully who's misunderstood, the prom, the dress-shopping and so on) has to be deliberate, nobody would write characters and plot like that in 2014. So they are going for a high school-parody, apparent in some of the meta V.O. as well. The problem is that the movie can't stay true to any one tone which eventually deflates the parody and only leaves things like super troupy characters seemingly played sincerly. And that is in part why this movie is so irritating to watch for me.
  9. I kinda hate you for making me watch this. This was rough. Oh boy. Just horrible. Okay, I feel better now.
  10. watchyourblue


    Divorcing this movie from the franchise, I don't think it is anything more than a good movie. I found a lot of the arguments from devon/dave particularly towards the end to focus a lot on Star Trek as a whole and I don't think that's fair. The movies feels to me like fun little excursion in Trek, away from the main path of the tv shows and I think that is indicative of which canon to put Trek in. It's just not that important to film for me to vote it in.