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    Trailer Talk

    I know someone who saw a very very early screening of GotG and said it's better than the original and that was with unfinished effects. Emma Watson is obviously beautiful I'm just concerned about her singing abilities, I wish they had cast Emmy Rossum or someone with some singing experience. I find the whole shot for shot remake thing a little boring Cinderella was pretty average. If anyone wants to watch a different take on Beauty and the Beast there's a French version called La Belle Et La Bete from 2014 it has amazing costumes but it's a little bonkers and the talking furniture is replaces with weird half dog half bunny creatures.
  2. bella_008

    Episode 148 - Vampire's Kiss: LIVE!

    So I got this movie confused with Once Bitten and was really excited to watch it and instead I had to sit through this garbage fire nightmare.
  3. bella_008

    Episode 146.5 - Minisode 146.5

    I'm looking forward to gamer next week, was anyone here at the live episode?
  4. bella_008

    Coyote Ugly (2000)

    I know people who hung out there in the late 90's early 2000's it used to be a really cool place with a pretty mixed crowd, I think after the movie it got super touristie and then just ended up kindoff dying off into what it is now.
  5. bella_008

    Nerve (2016)

    A good trailer for a trailer for a terrible movie, definitely a good HDTGM pick.
  6. bella_008

    Officer Downe (2016)

    The trailer is nuts, is it some sort of parody?
  7. bella_008

    Episode 14 — Green Lantern

    Also the smurfs episode that was also taken down is on soundcloud.
  8. bella_008

    Ask Paul!

    Hey Paul Firstly my name actually is Bella (although I did go through an embarrassing Twilight faze in my teens). Secondly you beyond made my day, I'm currently an aid worker in rural Cambodia which most of the time it's super rewarding but sometimes you just spend your days dealing with basically the worst things you can possibly imagine, and it can be really hard to be positive and keep going on those days. I put this on when I got home to try and cheer myself up a little bit and hearing me mentioned on a podcast I've been listening to every week for four years for something as stupid about knowing a lot about a book I read when I was 15, totally made up for my really shitty day and makes it a lot easier to get up and go to work tomorrow. Thanks Paul
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    Episode 145.5 - Minisode 145.5

    Who knew reading a series of books when I was fifteen, so that I had something to talk about with the girl I caught the bus to school with would result in this high honor. Also my parents named me Isabella back in the early 90s so I was stuck with it long before Twilight.
  10. bella_008

    Where The Heart Is (2000)

    It's a bit saccharin but I don't think it's a terrible movie, although if they do do it $20 that Jason cries.
  11. bella_008

    Coyote Ugly (2000)

    It's on netflix so I'm bringing this back because this would be a great movie for the podcast, also Paul, June and Jason all lived in NYC around the time the actually Coyote bar was a thing so it would be interesting to see if any of them had been there.
  12. bella_008

    One for the Money (2012)

    I watched this on a plane and it seemed good although I do take benadril to fly, I'll have to rewatch it to see how bad it is.
  13. bella_008

    Journey to the Center of the Earth (1988)

    Maybe as a double feature with the one from 2008.
  14. bella_008

    Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant (2009)

    This movie is so odd it would definitely make a good episode.
  15. They mention off hand that he likes Western novels in the book I guess the production team really decided to run with it, also it's worth noting that in the books he's only supposed to have a slight Russian accent.
  16. 1)I think most of the moroi are rich and don't really work outside the moroi society, I think the school is basically about sticking them somewhere that's safe where they can learn to use there powers. 2) There aren't enough Damphir to protect every Moroi most families will share one and many Moroi have to live without them, Royals do however get at least one each, I don't think its ever explained why they were travelling without any guards, Rose was there as Lissa's friend not as her protector. The school is just a high school all the kids leave for summer and breaks the being out of touch thing was something just for the movie because the kids definitely use computers and other tech in the books.
  17. It was placed there because its a private location that's easily defended and the magical wards there hold stronger then other places.
  18. Long answer but here goes; They didn't run away straight after the accident. It isn't in the first book which is why they didn't show it in the movie but Lissa felt like she was being stalked and was self harming more, part of her compulsion by Sonja (the crazy teacher) was to protect Lissa at all costs which in this meant she felt it would be safer to get her away from the school. They kept moving locations to not got get caught Oregon was where they were living when they were found but they had lived in other places mainly college towns where they wouldn't stand out.
  19. The Moroi have a normal human lifespan although they are immune to illness and any diseases, the Strogoi (bad vampires) don't age which is why some of them choose to become Stragoi.
  20. bella_008

    Blank Check (1994)

    Good I would be so happy if they did this movie even as a kid I thought it was totally nuts.
  21. bella_008

    The Cell (2000)

    I wonder if the horse being sliced apart and separated by glass is where the Hannibal tv show got the idea from?
  22. bella_008

    Episode 144.5 - Minisode 144.5

    My girlfriend and I read Grey the Fifty Shades of Grey book (where she just rewrote the first book from the guys perspective) aloud to each other, it made the awfulness fly by and also really highlighted the disgustingness of the dude.
  23. bella_008

    Ask Paul!

    Hi Paul I'm sure you'll pick it up when you do it anyway but strigoi is pronounced like struh-goy.
  24. bella_008

    Episode 144.5 - Minisode 144.5

    I was midway through the third when I stopped usually if I'm that far in I'll just finish it even if I'm hating it but I was just like nope can't do this anymore.
  25. bella_008

    Episode 144.5 - Minisode 144.5

    Vampire Academy is going to be awesome!! What's the bet Jason's read the books?