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  1. Alice Englert (the lead) briefly went to my school, she was in the grade below me so I didn’t really know her but we have friends in common and from what I’ve heard the cast were really prepped that this was going to be HUGE and their whole lives were going to change. The producers on this really believed it was going to be bigger than twilight.


    Also side note she’s Jane Campions daughter.

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  2. Based on the best-selling YA novel about an epic romance between a fallen angel and a high school girl it's Fallen. It has all the hallmarks of a great HDTGM it took three years to make went over budget by more than 15 million dollars and has only been released in the Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia. The full movie is now showing up online so I thought it would be perfect for the show.





  3. Yeah, he's supposed to be mentally handicapped in some way. The premise is basically that he's driven insane by this monster in his mirror. Another classic "disabled-person-becomes-a-murderer" story in the same vein as Lawnmower Man!


    It's the worst fucking trope and I hate that Fredrick Koehler has basically based his whole career on playing evil disabled characters.

  4. Ok so this actually would be a hilarious film for the team to tackle as their first foreign film.




    200 Pounds Beauty is a 2006 Korean film in which the lead Hanna is the secret ghost singer to one of the most famous singers in Korea, but for some reason also has to work as a sex line operator to make ends meet. However sick of being ignored and mistreated by the singer and the producer (whom she has a crush on) she convinces (blackmails) one of her phone sex clients a plastic surgeon into giving her full body plastic surgery after a year of recovery she returns under a secret identity and attempts to become a pop star herself.




    Even by Korean standards, this film is insane. It was a huge success making more than ten times its budget and receiving rave reviews.

  5. Good choice. It's so many different movies at once. A satire of fascist propaganda that's actually played straight, and played straight quite well. The result of that is that it's a really bad movie. It really is an oddity.


    I've never felt like this was a bad movie, I might be totally crazy but I've always really enjoyed this film.

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  6. My experience with her happened when she was a big vj on MTV here she agreed to come and do a talk and a little bit of presenting at a charity night thing that I was working on.


    She seemed really sweet over the phone and just asked that we had a couple of beers for her in the green room. On the night though a totally different story she showed up over 40 minutes late with a whole group of friends making a lot of noise and proceeded to get massively drunk, she was supposed to come up and speak for about 15 minutes about the charity and hand out the awards.


    She ended up racing through it in about 5 minutes missing a lot of the important stuff she was supposed to hit and left immediately after handing out the awards, she refused to talk to or take pictures with any of the award winners or performers about 90% of whom were high school students who loved her, and the worst bit was when she left we found out that her group had spent about $1500 over the bar saying that we would pay for it, which was a lot of money for a small charity (MTV ended up giving the money back after a big fuss was made).


    A lot of people I know work in the film and television industry over here and they said she was notorious for being late and talking to crew members like crap, she moved to the US to get into bigger projects but it was also apparently because she was starting to have trouble getting work here because of her reputation. I know she struggled for a while when she moved to the US and I genuinely hope she's grown up a lot and is a nicer person now.

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    Just throwing it out there that Deepika Padukone is 31 not 19. Vin is 49. So, a huge age difference but it seems practically acceptable considering the next oldest woman was 25.


    I listed the age differences, not the actresses ages Deepika is 31 ( sorry I originally googled her age as 30) Vin is 49 hence 18 years. The youngest two of the women who for some reason want to fuck Vin are actually 23.


    It is also a pretty big difference when you consider that at least in the F&F the age gaps are a little better, 11 years with Michelle Rodriguez and 9 years with Elsa Patakay.

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  8. I know Hollywood can be incredibly ageist and sexist when it comes to casting actresses who are over 25, but the age gaps for Vin Diesels love interests in this movie are beyond insane.


    The age differences


    Nina Dobrev - 21 years

    Deepika Padukone - 19 years

    Hermione Corfield (British Chick)- 25 years

    Ariana Arevalo (village girl from the beginning)- 25 years


    Like seriously WTF - also all brunettes not a blonde in the bunch. Nina Dobrev was great but now I can totally see that scene in my head with June playing it and it would've been 100% funnier.

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