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    The Cell (2000)

    Somehow no one has suggested this abomination of a movie starring HDTGM all star Jennifer Lopez. Within the confines of an abandoned rural farmhouse, Carl Stargher, a psychologically disturbed killer has built The Cell, a glass-encased chamber where he drowns his innocent female victims before continuing a sadistic post-mortem ritual with their bodies. As the FBI finally closes in on the killer, he is rendered comatose by a violent seizure and is ultimately apprehended into their custody, but not before leaving his latest victim alive in The Cell with only forty hours to live. Enter Catherine Deane. Deane, a child therapist, is part of an advanced neurological study at the Campbell Center, a research division of a large pharmaceutical company, where she's been using her empathetic abilities along with breakthrough technology to enter into the mind of a catatonic young boy to help bring him back to his loving parents. While FBI agents Peter Novak and his partner Gordon Ramsey follow clues to uncover the missing girl's whereabouts, the FBI enlist Catherine to use her "gift" to embark on an uncharted and perilous journey through Stargher's demented mind. The trailer doesn't really show how bonkers this movie you definitely need to watch this just for the crazy.
  2. I'm surprised no one has suggested the critical and commercial Gweneth Paltrow Rom Com View from the Top. It had a lot of potential and a great comedic cast (Mike Meyers, Candice Bergan, and Christina Applegate but it never really gelled together into any kind of remotely good film. It includes my favorite terrible rom-com trope "Woman achieves her dreams and realizes there worthless without a man". Also featuring Gweneth Paltrow's cup size go up and down between scenes depending on what costume they put her in.
  3. bella_008

    Episode 187 - Beautiful Creatures

    Alice Englert (the lead) briefly went to my school, she was in the grade below me so I didn’t really know her but we have friends in common and from what I’ve heard the cast were really prepped that this was going to be HUGE and their whole lives were going to change. The producers on this really believed it was going to be bigger than twilight. Also side note she’s Jane Campions daughter.
  4. bella_008

    Episode 187 - Beautiful Creatures

    I haven’t listened yet, but I have a feeling that my knowledge of terrible mid 2000’s YA is about to come in handy again.......
  5. Hi guys, I know we have a Fifty Shades of Grey thread but having now seen this monstrosity I felt like it needed its own. (also just for reference I got to go to the Bangkok premier that's the only reason I watched this on opening day.) If you thought the first movie was bad you are going to be blown away by the terribleness that is the sequel. Sam Taylor-Johnson must have been the only thing keeping the first film from going off the rails there's literally no pacing in this or any kind of logical story arc. Here are some of the batshit things about this movie (spoilers obviously) - Terrible childhood troupe flashback/dream sequences -Even with deleting some of the creepier book subplots Christian still hitting all of the emotionally abusive boyfriend boxes. - Apple product placement - Long music montages - Speaking of music, the sexy slow RnB beats of the first film are replaced but upbeat RnB songs that don't remotely match three-quarters of the film. - Christian immediately hating and treating her boss like an arse, of course, his proven right because he just sensed the guy was bad he's not actually a controlling jealous dick, actual line said immediately after meeting the boss, when asked why he was so rude to her boss keep in mind there not back together yet “He wants what’s mine.” - The dialogue you could probably do this film word for word without ever seeing it before it's so predictable - Kim Basinger's plastic surgery - The lead actors still having zero sexual or romantic chemistry - Dakota Johnson literally carrying this whole fucking film on her back while Jamie Dornan does his best impression of a mannequin and not the fun Mannequin film version. Having said all of that I feel like they'd have a great time making fun of this film and I look forward to Jason's opinions on all the sex scenes and boy were there a lot of them.
  6. bella_008

    Episode 161 - The Fate of the Furious

    Can we please start a twitter campaign for June to play Elsa's sister in the next fast movie.
  7. bella_008

    Fallen (2016)

    Based on the best-selling YA novel about an epic romance between a fallen angel and a high school girl it's Fallen. It has all the hallmarks of a great HDTGM it took three years to make went over budget by more than 15 million dollars and has only been released in the Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia. The full movie is now showing up online so I thought it would be perfect for the show. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-MRLGxczj8
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    Episode 158.5 - Minisode 158.5

    God damn it when are they doing the lake house I have points to make.
  9. bella_008

    The Great Gilly Hopkins (2016)

    It wasn't the best made film ever but I thought it was a sweet family watch.
  10. bella_008

    The Evil Within (2017)

    It's the worst fucking trope and I hate that Fredrick Koehler has basically based his whole career on playing evil disabled characters.
  11. bella_008

    The Edge of Seventeen (2016)

    The actual worst thing about this movie is that one of the biggest characters in the movie Erwin (also the first Asian American love interest in a teen film) wasn't feautured on a single poster or in a frame of the trailer.
  12. bella_008

    Showgirls (1995)

    Guys Paul F Tompkins posted that he was watching Showgirls on his Instagram, could it finally be happening.......
  13. bella_008

    Powder (1995)

    How dare you Powder is AMAZING (written by someone who hasn't seen this movie since they were 9)
  14. bella_008

    Episode 156.5 - Minisode 156.5

    I ended up listening to it here, the SoundCloud link is currently ad free so theres that.
  15. bella_008

    200 Pounds Beauty (2006)

    It took me a while but I've found an english subtitled version of the trailer.
  16. bella_008

    Britney Ever After (2017)

    I would totally listen to a spinoff HDTGM for tv movies.
  17. bella_008

    200 Pounds Beauty (2006)

    Ok so this actually would be a hilarious film for the team to tackle as their first foreign film. 200 Pounds Beauty is a 2006 Korean film in which the lead Hanna is the secret ghost singer to one of the most famous singers in Korea, but for some reason also has to work as a sex line operator to make ends meet. However sick of being ignored and mistreated by the singer and the producer (whom she has a crush on) she convinces (blackmails) one of her phone sex clients a plastic surgeon into giving her full body plastic surgery after a year of recovery she returns under a secret identity and attempts to become a pop star herself. Even by Korean standards, this film is insane. It was a huge success making more than ten times its budget and receiving rave reviews.
  18. bella_008

    Episode 156.5 - Minisode 156.5

    Is the episode appearing in iTunes but not downloading for anyone else I've tried on two devices?
  19. bella_008

    Swimfan (2002)

    I watched this last night definitely HDTGM material.
  20. bella_008

    Starship Troopers (1997)

    I've never felt like this was a bad movie, I might be totally crazy but I've always really enjoyed this film.
  21. My experience with her happened when she was a big vj on MTV here she agreed to come and do a talk and a little bit of presenting at a charity night thing that I was working on. She seemed really sweet over the phone and just asked that we had a couple of beers for her in the green room. On the night though a totally different story she showed up over 40 minutes late with a whole group of friends making a lot of noise and proceeded to get massively drunk, she was supposed to come up and speak for about 15 minutes about the charity and hand out the awards. She ended up racing through it in about 5 minutes missing a lot of the important stuff she was supposed to hit and left immediately after handing out the awards, she refused to talk to or take pictures with any of the award winners or performers about 90% of whom were high school students who loved her, and the worst bit was when she left we found out that her group had spent about $1500 over the bar saying that we would pay for it, which was a lot of money for a small charity (MTV ended up giving the money back after a big fuss was made). A lot of people I know work in the film and television industry over here and they said she was notorious for being late and talking to crew members like crap, she moved to the US to get into bigger projects but it was also apparently because she was starting to have trouble getting work here because of her reputation. I know she struggled for a while when she moved to the US and I genuinely hope she's grown up a lot and is a nicer person now.
  22. Not to spoil your love of her but unless she's changed a lot since she moved to the US she's pretty awful in real life.
  23. The most ridiculous part of this for me was the idea that 300lb Vin Diesel could run at the same pace as Donnie Yen.
  24. I listed the age differences, not the actresses ages Deepika is 31 ( sorry I originally googled her age as 30) Vin is 49 hence 18 years. The youngest two of the women who for some reason want to fuck Vin are actually 23. It is also a pretty big difference when you consider that at least in the F&F the age gaps are a little better, 11 years with Michelle Rodriguez and 9 years with Elsa Patakay.