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  1. AndrewDeKlerk

    Episode 38 - Fail Army Cop

    i didnt mind this one..although his timelines were a bit odd. for example he mentions the threat on the movie theatre in the 90's and how he went straight to the police academy ...but graduated in 2013.. anyway..this american life did a two part on Racial bias in the police force that is worth listening to - and how departments have been on courses to try and recognise racial bias..for example mass shootings are always invariably white males etc etc
  2. AndrewDeKlerk

    Episode 33 - IRL-ASMR

    not convinced about this ASMR thing...but all i could think of was what a good ASMR recording phoebe judge would make...I would totally listen to that
  3. AndrewDeKlerk

    Episode 31 - 10,000 Pounds

    For those nerds who care...the reason her farmer west country accent sounded like a pirate was because the first person to play a pirate in 1950's Treasure Island was Robert Newton who had a West country accent...and hence from that day forward all pirates sound like english west country farmers
  4. AndrewDeKlerk

    Episode 25 - Noodlebody

    from someone who got married at 24 (although still to the same person)...18 years later I can see where Chris is coming from. You are young you are free you are without any financial or emotional restraints..go live..I dont regret one moment in my life..but knowing what I know now I certainly would not be so intent on settling down with the wife kids and picket fence - and this is what he was trying to get across to her
  5. perhaps I didn't give her enough opportunity..but I couldn't continue after the ramblings of immigrants in the first 5 to 10 minutes. not being from the US also made it easier to skip..one of only about 2 episodes I have skipped