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    Stone Cold (1991)

    Has anyone’s recommended this classic? Mullet-headed ex-NFLer Brian Bosworth stars as a cop who (with a little help from his giant pet iguana) goes undercover to infiltrate a drug-dealing biker gang led by Lance Hendrickson and William Forsyth. It’s the kind of movie you’d catch on TNT on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Emininetly watchable and completely, dare I say...BONKERS. The climactic courtroom shootout is worth the price of your yearly Prime account alone.
  2. No YouTube video available, but here the boot of my first and only R.E.M. concert (also my first concert, period) , Las Vegas 1995: https://archive.org/details/R.e.m.Oct.27th1995LasVegasnv Lucious Jackson opened, which was fine, but Radiohead (fresh off The bends) was the opener on much of that tour. Incredible show.
  3. I don't know if there are any plans for a third series, but what artist would you have them cover next? Seems to me, given their musical tastes and proclivity for forced worldplay, something along the lines of Scott & Scott Talk Talking Heads seems a natural fit.