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  1. No, I’ve never seen a bear, in its underwear; get off my fucking back, mom! Down by the bay.
  2. NewBanqueStu

    Episode 406 - White Rap Stories

    Just gonna leave this here for my homie Chip
  3. NewBanqueStu

    Episode 552 - Hey, Keep Readin'

    Just a reminder some months later... more Bean Dip, please.
  4. Am I doing this right?
  5. I'm trying to re-find that episode where a guest—I think it was one of Paul F. Tompkins' characters—gets away with talking during the Would You Rather theme song by repeatedly telling Scott not to talk during the theme song. It may be one of the premium episodes. Assistance monumentally appreciated; have dug through tons of episodes unsuccessfully, and it's driving me bananas. Thanks!