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  1. Gonna have to go with Best Little Whorehouse since Working Girl is already in the Canon (although I'd much rather have 9-to-5 in than Working Girl #NeverForgiveNeverForget)
  2. AaronGillespie

    Episode 107 - Black Orpheus vs. City of God (w/ Justin Chang)

    I have to agree with this argument. Black Orpheus is a better film, but if this is "Brazil Week," I think City of God is the better example of Brazilian cinema. Black Orpheus is definitely the loser I'd want voted in during a Redemption Week though, if we ever do one of those again. Until then, hopefully we won't have to wait too long for another opportunity to vote in another beautiful pre-1970 French color film. (Of course, this kinda points to a problem of having a "small canon." You end up having to tokenize cinema from countries with less recognized presence in the film world. This is part of the reason I'm almost always on the "big canon" side of the "Big Canon vs Small Canon" debates.)
  3. AaronGillespie

    Episode 105 - Eraserhead vs. Blue Velvet (w/ Michael Nordine)

    As someone who's never seen a David Lynch movie before, I felt like I missed-out the most by having never seen Eraserhead. I could retroactively see more of its influence on so much of what I grew up with, everything from Silent Hill and Deadly Premonition to Courage the Cowardly Dog. Blue Velvet was a fascinating, well made film that I personally identified with, being from a small weird Midwest town (which I am currently back inside of for summer break), but it's impact and importance wasn't as readily apparent to me as Eraserhead's.
  4. AaronGillespie

    Knock-Out Suggestions

    Gonna vote for Chi-Raq, largely because i'm still bitter about Creed not getting in, but also because it is one of Spike's weakest.
  5. AaronGillespie

    Film Noir

    ELEVATOR TO THE GALLOWS (Ascenseur pour l'échafaud) is a noir I'd very much like to see in this Canon. Recently came to my local independent theater and I absolutely fell in love with it. It would be interesting to see if Devin and Amy have anything to say about the career of Miles Davis, or Jazz in general.
  6. AaronGillespie

    City of God (2002)

    Greetings! First ever post to the forum! Spent the summer binge listening to the show, and now, after becoming fully caught-up and having seen most of the films inducted, I finally feel confident enough to make a movie suggestion. I'm going with: CITY OF GOD (CIDADE DE DEUS), directed by Fernando Meirelles and Katia Lund Firstly, because of diversity. The last live-action foreign film with a PoC cast we've had up for discussion was Pather Panchali, but even within those parameters, Brazil is one of the most under-represented cultures in the whole of cinema, and I feel that City of God is a more than worthy representative. But even that aside, it's a remarkably watchable period crime drama, well-made (it won that BAFA for Best Editing for a reason), able to communicate a detached clinical journalistic nihilism, and an impassioned appreciation for the fragility of childhood and the all-consuming nature of violence with equal depth. I know a common complaint has been the prevalence of "boys becoming men" movies in this Canon, Boyz n the Hood or Stand By Me possibly already filling in whatever thematic slots that might've had a place for City of God, but the sights, sounds, perspective, and voice of this film are unlike any currently in the Canon, and they definitely deserve a place within it.