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  1. Raymond Luxury Superyacht

    Easy Rider

    Well, well, well, look what the lockdown dragged in (s'been a while). Just a couple of things, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was mentioned but I for sure thought of Easy Rider in that scene where the camera is with the young women of the Manson Family playing around and the audio was clearly recorded separately, creating a certain dissonance in how you take it in. It seemed very much to be mimicking the Mardi Gras/acid trip scene. Also, and I don't remember where I read this but I, years ago, saw a theory that they doomed themselves right from the beginning by getting into selling cocaine. The counter culture as represented by the hippies were originally about rejecting consumerism and greed, using psychedelics and weed for liberation of the mind. By the time this was being made, the altruism was starting to lose its veneer. By profiting from a different kind of drug (recreational, aggressive, non-introspective), they were in fact being hypocrites whether they understood it or not and planted the seed crystal which locked them into a pattern that they ultimately could never escape. Something like that.
  2. Raymond Luxury Superyacht

    On The Waterfront

    A little late with a bump but I've been revisiting Lloyd Cole and the Commotions because of the line from "Rattlesnakes" where he sings "She looks like Eva Marie Saint, in On the Waterfront". Aside from all the other good things I've been enjoying about the podcast, this was just a side-benefit I thought I'd share (Lost Weekend and My Bag are at the top of my go-to tunes list from them too).
  3. Raymond Luxury Superyacht

    Episode 202 - Look Who's Talking Now (w/ Conan O’Brien)

    So Paul asks (as did DrGuts1003 earlier) why a New York kid would be into Charles Barkley. I've been trying to puzzle out why the writers of a film featuring dogs would settle on Barkley as the player that she's obsessed with. I mean it's even talked about in the podcast that her attempt at "flying" is inspired by Barkley, when Barkley wasn't known for his prowess in jumping. It just doesn't make sense. Barkley, Barkley, Barkley.
  4. Raymond Luxury Superyacht


    For anyone confused about the whisky strength, when they mentioned the "proof" of it, the label gave them the (as read) the "alcohol by volume" strength which is a different measure. In the UK, the ABV measure is approximately half that of proof. So (and not exactly, but close) 55.1 ABV would be 110.2 proof. At that strength you're actually supposed to add water before drinking it because it's literally too strong to let you taste the full range of flavours without dilution. And it will fuck you up quick-smart. Love the podcast, love Matt and Mark. Hope you got home ok.
  5. Loved the coughing/throat-clearing at the top of the show (I don't know how Paul makes it funny every time but it's always an anticipated laugh at the end when he's just about to launch into the spelling of Eban's name). It made me think of the variety you encounter in people's sneezing. One colleague, when she sneezes, creates a sound akin to that of a shy mouse being startled by a ghost. My brother, on the other hand, annoys the shit out of me with his over the top impression of a Wendigo screaming into a jet engine. I follow the texts and employ the traditional "Ah...CHOO!", without flourish or embellishment. Finally, this episode rivals Superyacht for the best "PFT enjoys the joke/moment so much, he'll laugh as long and as hard as he damn well pleases". As well he might because "Lemme just dot the i" "OOH!" *giggles* was perfect.
  6. Can we all agree to call anyone we see wearing a Nike item of clothing "Nicheal" from now on? A great episode, loved the finale. I also had a vain hope that with the introduction of the Minotaur, that someone would make a reference to the Minotaur's Song by The Incredible String Band. It sounds like something straight out of a Monty Python sketch or film but I just checked and it was released in 1968, with Monty Python debuting in 1969 (so maybe Eric Idle heard it and copied them?). Anyway, here it is in all its glory: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eeoZE_NrosY
  7. Sorry, I just went back to listen to the Jeremy Piven line and Scott's response is in fact "Yes, sing Jeremy Piven for us please." And earlier in the episode when Andrew Lloyd Webber is talking about how well written the female characters in The Hangover are, lists them as "The monster, and the prostitute. Have I missed any out?" In both cases, Zachary Galafinackery just losing his shit in reaction.
  8. Spontaneanation: "And here's that knife you asked for." "That's not a knife." *Paul nearly dies laughing* Actually, you'd probably need some of the set up for that, especially as then you would have some dialogue from Pussibly. Jessica Chaffin just kills in this episode. CBB (or CDR as it was then): "Can he sing, Jeremy Piven?" "Yes, can you sing Jeremy Piven?" *They then go on to sing Jeremy Piven* Also, Bob Ducca's list of ailments, beginning with "Puff Knuckle". I was walking in the street while listening to that and anyone who saw me might have thought I was having a stroke, trying not to burst out laughing.
  9. Speaking of synchronicity, as the episode was drawing to a close I clicked over to the forums, while still listening and had just scrolled down to the above (and now also below) comment: ...read it and had just enough time to think "I don't remember that line" before almost the very moment it was said. I then thought of the bit in the episode where Paul lost it and dragged the marker on the time-bar thing back to approximately when I thought it happened and ,again, in one go, just happened to be within a second or two of being in exactly the right place (to include the lines that pushed him over the edge: "I have lettuce to chop" and then the first mention of "frenchy fries") at 44:13. I then checked my lottery numbers and found that I'd won fuck all.
  10. Raymond Luxury Superyacht

    Season 4: Game 5 - PISTOL SHRIMPS RADIO 10/18/16

    Does "McCork Manville" scan as a spoonerism?
  11. Raymond Luxury Superyacht

    Episode 456 - The Historic Rap

    Given that Jason often talks about ideas for film scripts, I felt sure someone (when they were talking about the legalities of the titular ape's name from Skull Island) was going to pitch "Hey Kongman" as a future project. At the very least it's a t-shirt.
  12. Raymond Luxury Superyacht

    Season 4: Game 4 - PISTOL SHRIMPS RADIO 9/27/16

    Nice work Austen, you could hear from their reactions how much Matt and Mark enjoyed your tribute. Also, despite Matt's concerns over how the episode went, the whole thing was a glorious mess. His struggle (from his point of view, not mine) to keep up his end of the co-hosting (and Mark's adjustments to his game to re-calibrate) just added a new flavour to the proceedings. Anyway, what with Matt bouncing off any possible turns of phrase and finding song references, there was one that leapt to mind when they were talking about how aggressive the game had become. Given that the song was a top 10 hit in the UK back in '87 for a Scottish band, maybe/probably they've never heard it, but just after the 23:00 mark when they say "Don't need it", "Don't want it" I immediately expected to hear "Gonna strive for the right to get in to your cold heart" or some other line from this catchy-ass tune: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7d8eIUBR7l8
  13. True, but given that someone mentioned Night at the Roxbury (which would refer to the Haddaway track), and Nyima and Marc respectively quoted "succotash" and "supper dish" (which are from Groove is in the Heart"), I'm almost convinced it was a misattribution that just happened to also be correct. Anyway, here's the Deee-Lite one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zD71055315c
  14. I now have a slightly different version of this song stuck in my head: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RALLQCB8aMY "One to the two to the two to the three, my name is Paul F. T., down with the J.V.s" I haven't actually finished listening to the episode yet, but I just wanted to plant that in at least one other person's head. It's a real one off and unlikely to be as applicable as Paul's triggers of "Square Pegs", and "Girls on Film".
  15. I'd recently been pondering whether asking if and when Marcevan was going to be back in the "Ask Paul" thread was ok given the moratorium on asking if particular people would be future guests. I didn't ask, and yet his return was about as perfect as I could have asked for. His "MMMMmmmmm" following the announcement of Craig being the special guest, followed by the audiences' "OOOOoooooooh" and topped of with PFT's "Shu... Shut up!" is close to being one of my favourite Spontaneanation moments after Paul's reaction to "That's not a knife" in episode 8. Not to single him out, because everyone was great. As per.