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    Episode 50 - The 50th Episode Squib Spectacular

    This was beautiful. It was like watching a teenager's eyes light up as he discovers that what his father had behind his back was the key to his first car. And then the exhilaration on his face as he drives it off a fucking cliff. Like Sisyphus finally cresting the hill after eons of effort, and then laughing as the boulder dives down the opposite face of the hill, into a village of smiling babykids. A bear eviscerating a bee hive, a maniacal stare on his face as he throws away the honey and stabs fistfuls of bees into his goddamn face, finally transcending the bonds of pain and bearhood to become something... ...more. So happy for you Matt, truly magnificent. And hey, now you know you've got at least three boogies in your kru willing to kill you at the drop of a hat, should the need arise.