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    Clifford (1994)

    This was one of my all time favorite movies growing up and I forgot that it existed! What were producers thinking casting Martin Short as a 10 year old sociopath? This movie could definitely not get made today and we should cherish it as a relic of 1990s "let's just fucking do it!" attitude about appropriate use of studio resources.
  2. ShrimpFingerz

    Sphere (1998)

    This is my first clear recollection of what a bad movie was. I was young, in love with sci-fi and thought everything in the genre was a masterpiece. This film left me confused and upset because it was something I should have enjoyed, and it was awful. This movie made 10 year old me feel broken...and that never went away.
  3. ShrimpFingerz

    Good Burger (1997)

    Keenan and Kel were the Key and Peele of the Nineties! Well, maybe not, but what this movie lacks in quality they make up for with ample helpings of Sinbad and shark poison. Also, it's on Netflix, which is always a plus!