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  1. LondonCallingRex

    Halfway There Special

    Are Paul and Amy planning to release their individual rankings again? I'd like to actually see how it all shook out, even if they felt there wasn't time to go through it all on the podcast itself.
  2. LondonCallingRex

    Homework - Legends of the Fall (1994)

    I believe the episode after this one will have the show's 200th film, so hopefully that'll be something a little more interesting. I feel like the films have been a little lackluster lately but maybe that's just me.
  3. LondonCallingRex

    Episode 152 - The Breakfast Club (w/ Christy Lemire)

    I don't know that millenials are really defined as much as previous generations by generational conflicts though, more so either friendship with their parents (Boyhood) or indifferent absence (Superbad).
  4. LondonCallingRex

    Episode 152 - The Breakfast Club (w/ Christy Lemire)

    Boyhood certainly comes to mind for me.
  5. LondonCallingRex

    Homework - The Exorcist vs. The Exorcist III

    I've seen neither, do you have a recommendation?
  6. LondonCallingRex

    Homework - The Avengers (2012)

    Wow, nothing special for the 150th episode? There was nothing special for the 100th episode either. So I guess those kinds of episodes are just a thing of the past, which is a shame.
  7. LondonCallingRex

    Episode 148 - Point Break (w/ Andrew Barker)

    Agreed. This episode really should have been a Point Break / Speed versus episode and then it's Speed all the way.
  8. LondonCallingRex

    Episode 146 - Punch-Drunk Love (w/ Emily Yoshida)

    For the people who keep mentioning letting Boogie Nights in the Canon: there was already a Boogie Nights vs There Will Be Blood episode and Boogie Nights lost. So unless they start doing the Re-versus episodes again (fingers crossed), that's not an option. As for Punch-Drunk Love, it is my favorite PTA film but I had to rewatch it first to confirm. It might be his most Lynchian film -- though without the abject terror -- with its extreme focus on sound, mood, and emotional response, rather than a tight and logical plot. But I love this movie. The music is incredible and propulsive and stressful, and I can relate to both Barry and his situation in the movie to a pretty upsetting degree that I'd really rather not go into. Add to all of that how immensely rewatchable this is (it helps that it's short), and how unique it is for a romantic comedy. It feels similar to my favorite Coens movie, A Serious Man, where you can watch it (maybe it's just me) as a hilarious comedy or as a pretty depressing character study and get something different out of it every time. A versus episode of those two movies would have been absolutely brutal for me. As it is though, this is a very solid YES vote from me.
  9. LondonCallingRex

    The Interview - Question

    I've been listening back to some older episodes and had totally forgotten about Devin and Amy putting The Interview up for a vote for The Canon back in the It's A Wonderful Life episode. Looking around on the old Wolfpop site, Devin later said it was rejected from The Canon but the voting thread for the movie itself seems to have far more Yes votes than No (I don't feel like counting it). Does anyone remember if they ever put out anything definitive about that? It seems to have kind of just disappeared into the ether.
  10. LondonCallingRex

    Episode 138 - Harold and Maude vs. Being There

    Am I the only one who liked both of these a lot? I would have voted a solid Yes on both in standalone episodes but since I have to choose only one, I think I'll go with Harold And Maude? Honestly haven't quite made up my mind yet and could go either way. I actually enjoy Being There more, but it does go over similar ground as Forrest Gump, The Candidate, Face In The Crowd, etc whereas Harold And Maude felt fresh despite the fact that you can clearly see decades of movies pulling directly from it. Maude annoyed me honestly but I thought Harold's relationship with his mother was fantastic. Just like with The Host, Amy mentions the music not fitting with the movie and I completely disagree, I thought every song fit perfectly, whether Harold listened to Cat Stevens or not. As for Being There, I think they could have easily trimmed 20 minutes and lost nothing. There's a lot of slowness and dead air that admittedly does fit with Chance's disability but likely only serves to bore you on rewatch. The music once again is incredible. Ashby has always been a blind spot for me so I'm really grateful this episode has convinced me to seek out more of his films.
  11. LondonCallingRex

    Homework - The Hustler (1961)

    Been meaning to watch this forever, thank you for the kick in the pants. This Canon is in much need of some Paul Newman so hopefully we get Butch Cassidy or Cool Hand Luke or The Sting etc etc etc at some point too.
  12. LondonCallingRex

    Episode 136 - The Best of 2017

    Wow, that very Yoda-like cameo from Devin was super unexpected and nice to hear. I really like these 5 movies and I think they're a good representation of this otherwise terrible year overall. I hadn't even noticed that consistent writer-director theme before they mentioned it in the episode. Of the choices, mother! is my least favorite and I'm definitely surprised by how well it's doing in the votes so far but I didn't dislike it, I just thought the allegory was (far) too heavy handed for my taste. I do love how universal that allegory can be though, even if Bible, climate, art are the obvious front runners. Anyway, I'll be happy with anything winning this (hoping for The Florida Project), but I hope we can get some retroactive 2016 movies in at some point because it's a shame that we missed out on that Best Of episode (and Welcome To The Dollhouse, and the grand elimination spectacular episode for that matter).
  13. LondonCallingRex

    Homework - Best of 2017

    I still need to see mother! but I love all 4 of the others so I'm very happy with this list. I'm also torn because The Florida Project is what I would call the "best" of the year, but The Last Jedi is my personal favorite... but there's already one Star Wars movie in The Canon.... but Empire was permanently shut out...... Anyway, I'm probably voting for The Florida Project but expect some wavering grumbles about Star Wars too.
  14. Still completely unsure how I'm voting on this one, for all the reasons mentioned in the podcast and in the comments. One thing it sounds like everyone agrees on so far is that both films deserve to be in The Canon, and I'd love to hear from someone who thinks one is (or both are) utterly unworthy, regardless of being in a VS episode where one is destined to get in.
  15. LondonCallingRex

    Best of 2017

    Wanted to add Call Me By Your Name (just saw it and it's incredible), as well as the apparently largely forgotten The Beguiled and Lady Macbeth
  16. LondonCallingRex

    Best of 2017

    Third. Forgot to include it in my list somehow but it absolutely belongs in the conversation somewhere.
  17. I've always thought Life Of Brian is better as a cohesive piece, but Holy Grail is the funnier movie. Will probably go with Holy Grail because it's made a bigger impact on me and I hear it referenced much more, but both are great.
  18. LondonCallingRex

    Best of 2017

    Get Out, The Florida Project, Blade Runner 2049, and Lady Bird
  19. LondonCallingRex

    Variety vs Redundancy [VOTERS PLEASE READ AND COMMENT]

    Previous films have no bearing on my votes, I vote Yes on movies I believe deserve to be Canonized and No on ones I don't. If I think 500 horror films are worthy then I'll vote for them. I think it's ridiculous how much Amy complains about this considering 100% of the movies we vote for are decided on by her in some form. I wouldn't have to vote for Alien and Aliens and Blade Runner and The Thing and The Fly and They Live and Evil Dead II and Reanimator and The Matrix and Starship Troopers etc etc etc if those movies weren't the Canon films of the week. If they want more genre variety, then that is up to them. I'll vote happily for whatever they put in front of me but I don't have any say in what those movies are. Besides, in a Canon of 20 films, having five 80s sci fi movies would be strange. But in a Canon of 200,000 films, having only five 80s sci fi movies would be even more strange. So I never vote based on the previously accepted movies because in the long run it's completely irrelevant.
  20. LondonCallingRex

    Episode 128 - Starship Troopers (w/ Jordan Hoffman)

    I was very pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this movie so I'm glad this came up for consideration. I'm not sure I would have ever watched it if not, even though it was huge when I was a kid and I always felt like I had missed it growing up. That said, it's not Canon worthy. As some others on here said, it's too easy to walk away with a pro fascist reading. The satire was clear to me in the first few minutes, but considering how the alt right has taken The Matrix and Fight Club and twisted their meanings, this one seems far easier. Of course I cringe when Neil Patrick Harris says the brain bug is afraid, but real fascists would see something like that and cheer (much like the crowd does) at defeating the enemy (the libtard leftists). Does that mean the movie should have been less subtle? I don't know. I'm definitely conflicted on this one but I think I have to give it the slightest nudge to a No vote. I do like it and I'll definitely revisit it at some point, and I won't be upset if it makes it in. And to clear this up, did anyone catch Amy's final vote? Is she a Yes or No? Sounds like she's leaning No but does like the movie overall.
  21. LondonCallingRex

    Homework - Starship Troopers (1997)

    I wish we could get a 2016 Best Of (and the Episode 100 showdown we were promised last year). Moonlight NEEDS to be in The Canon. And are we ever going to hear that Welcome To The Dollhouse episode they shelved? I'm glad the podcast came back this year but it hasnt really been doing the fun events it used to do, like live shows. Anyway, I missed this movie when it came out, so I'll be glad to see it. Not sure how it could be Canon worthy though.
  22. LondonCallingRex

    Episode 127- Back to the Future Trilogy (w/ Evan Dickson)

    As for great trilogies with a single distinct vision, does the Before trilogy count? Not sure you can do much better than that, especially given the span of time between those films. I really really hope those come up for The Canon at some point because they're all deserving.
  23. LondonCallingRex

    Episode 127- Back to the Future Trilogy (w/ Evan Dickson)

    I'm very torn on this. My brain tells me that only the first is worthy of Canonization, especially in this demented world where Empire Strikes Back was shut out TWICE. And that's a very logical argument, brain! But I love this trilogy so dearly despite its flaws. The Canon is not made up of perfect films, it's made up of films that have stood, or should stand, the test of time, or at the bare minimum they're movies that we should all see for some historical contextual reason. The first film is a perfect film that has stood the test of time, so it's a no brainer, and I'm honestly shocked there exists a person who is voting No on it. The other two, though, are imperfect movies that still stand the test of time, have influenced countless cultural touchstones, and mean so much to me personally. I watched them on taped-from-TV VHS with my family when I was a kid, and I can't envision a future where I don't share them with my currently nonexistent kids. So I'm torn. But I think at the end of the day I have to remember that I'm not voting for what I THINK will make it into The Canon (1 only, though the votes suggest 2 may make it as well), I'm voting for MY OWN Canon of great films. MY Canon includes Empire Strikes Back, The Fly, and unquestionably all three Back To The Future films.
  24. LondonCallingRex

    Homework - Back to the Future Trilogy (1985, 1989, 1990)

    Fantastic, this is one of my favorite series and an absolute classic. The debate over which movies to enter will be interesting, since we (baffingly after two attempts) did not put Empire Strikes Back in the Canon, and then later put Fellowship Of The Ring in the Canon. The precedent being that only the initial film gets in. But The Godfather messed with that a little since the first two in that series were declared givens (this should have been extended to Star Wars as well) and the question was over the third film, with the consensus again being that the Canon favors great individual films over great series as a whole. With that in mind, the first Back To The Future is all but guaranteed and I would say the second is possible, especially with Trump taking office, but the third is much less likely. We'll see what happens. Excited for next week!
  25. LondonCallingRex

    Episode 126 - The Brood (w/ Kier-La Janisse)

    The Brood is a good film and I'm glad I saw it but it's not a Canon film. The Fly absolutely should have been voted in, so I'm still hoping we get around to some more worthy Cronenberg films at some point because he absolutely deserves representation. But this is not the film to accomplish that.