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    Finally got my dumb profile for Earwolf to work after many weeks of trying unsuccessfully to vote! I am voting yes, due to the historical significance of the film as a boundary-pusher for genre cinema, but also because I can see the immense impact Star Trek has had on our culture. This is anecdotal, but felt like sharing: I am not a Trekkie, but my sister is. I would often half-watch the various 90s-era shows with her while I did my homework, and to be honest I thought they were sort of boring. Eventually, my sister had started to seek out the original series--finding VHS tapes at used video stores, recording episodes on TV if she ever came across them, etc. Finally, she got to the films. She bought a big VHS box set of the original crew movies. She watched them in order, and after she finished Wrath of Khan, she basically forced me to watch it with her. I went from bored to intrigued to entranced in the span of about 20 minutes. The film just works. I re-watched it for this episode and I loved it. Like Devin's story about Meredith: I bawl like a baby when Spock dies. It's a great movie. I think I finally am going to go back and watch the original series now. Devin, Amy, and Dave's discussion has inspired me to seek it out.