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    Pulp Fiction

    Fabienne is pregnant. I know this is old hat but I just gotta throw this in the conversation! That whole potbelly back-and-forth is her first test salvo to reveal a pregnancy or to see if Butch is in a possible mindset to progress their relationship. It's fun to think Butch has his own fucked up watch story to pass down to his possible child.
  2. IsraelOrtiz

    Saving Private Ryan

    I really love this movie even though I feel there are some serious problems with how it tries to convey its super simple raison d'รชtre. The horrific/haphazard violence the characters go through, the elder Ryan bookends, and Miller's "Earn this" seem to beseech the viewer to consider what soldiers have gone through "for us" and how we should honor their sacrifice by doing the best with our lives. We all know Spielberg is the master of schmaltz and this movie is very much that. It's bombast just dominates and muddles it's message yet I appreciate it nonetheless.
  3. IsraelOrtiz

    Episode 108 - The Driver (w/ Edgar Wright)

    Loved this episode, it's refreshing to have a strong, enthusiastic guest (Edgar Wright, no less!) go to bat for their pick for the Canon. I'm reserving my vote until I watch the film, etc etc... So, uh where is Amy actually from? I've been listening since day one, enjoyed her greatly as the yang to Devin's yin [...we still need another host to anchor it] With this episode I have finally stopped getting over Amy's cherry-picking where she hails from. Enough of that, it's starting to feel that she is being disingenuous when ever she claims ownership over a different hometown whenever the discussion moves her to augment her backstory.