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    Episode 152 - The Breakfast Club (w/ Christy Lemire)

    I gotta go with a yes on this one. The Criterion Collection version is really amazing and worth getting if anyone is interested. I recently wrote a review and I'd like to share a part of it: I always thought Claire was pretty deep of a character actually. She had arguably the most societal pressure by her peer group, was pretty sophisticated (sushi!), and masked her own sadness in her social stature and class. I do hate the ending where her and Bender get together (don't even get me started on Andrew and Allison) and I think that ending is actually kind of phoned in because they needed something uplifting. I think that probably speaks more about audiences and their expectations than what John Hughes actually believes. However, Bender calling Claire a "fat girl's name" is kind of brilliant if not abundantly obnoxious. That's the one thing Claire would be really superficial about and actually really bother her. While I haven't been around teenagers in a while, but they do talk like this as they do say some rather obscene stuff. I think Hughes knew what he wrote, and thus we get a lot of white characters. If Long-Duck Dong is any indication, maybe it's a huge blessing this film is basically wonder bread.
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    Episode 149 - Boomerang (w/ Marc Bernardin)

    Hard no. I think a lot of people have covered what my thoughts are and I don't need to expound on them.
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    Yeah I can't agree with Devon and the guy who sounds like David Cross doing a nerd impression (no offense guy, you seem really nice). The movie is heavily flawed if not likable. Just not canon worthy.