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    The Neon Demon (2016)

    I actually dug a little deeper. I, by no means, am a film buff. I'm not familiar with any of Refn's work. But the reason I thought this film was interesting was because of the actual structure. On the surface, everything was amazing. Cinematography, colors, contrast, music, even the actors and actresses appearances. But the contents of the actual film was grotesque, appalling, disgusting. By the end of the movie there weren't even any characters to root for. No likeable characters whatsoever. I don't even know anyone who has said anything nice about the plot. I think he made this structure mimic the thesis, that just because something seems amazing at the superficial surface level doesn't mean it's chocolate drops on the inside; it can be totally rotten. I thought of the film as one of the characters after a while: pretty on the outside shitty on the inside.
  2. The setting is in the dog eat dog world of fashion where everyone talks one way but walks another. It's stars Elle Fanning and Jenna Malone as an aspiring model and "been around the block" make-up artist, respectfully. Elle starts out as a doe in the headlights of the fashion world but quickly adjusts to a steep learning curve. There is also the most strange and bizarre cameo by Keanu Reeves.. I saw this movie on a whim. I wanted to see Finding Dory and ended up at this film somehow. While I was watching it, I almost left the theater on three separate occasions because it was such a bizarre, insane film. It felt terrible while I was watching it, but after a few days had passed, I thought about it and understood more and more until I thought it was a an amazing film; one of the best I'd seen. It now appears to me to be a very meta film. The shock factor, gore, and trippy cinematography all had purpose and was thematically grounded to me after much thought. But I really enjoy and respect your opinions on films, you are more qualified to analyze them after all. I want to know your thoughts, was my initial reaction the correct one?