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    One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

    Thanks so much to the hosts for emphasizing that McMurphy is his own villain. I got through an AP English course in which we also watched Cool Hand Luke and I don’t recall anyone noticing that these anti-heroes are just jerks. As a female (specifically in education) who is responsible for normal people, including young and male people, I can no longer enjoy the many, many works of art centered on demonizing women in authority without recognizing that I’m about to spend another work shift caring for people who think I’m EXACTLY that evil woman every time I tell them not to talk while I’m talking, draw on their desks or pull their dicks out. There was something in the discussion about the movie being much more sympathetic to the Nurse’s POV than the book. Now I when I see any antihero taking down a mean lady baddy, I can’t help imagining this director/writer/producer getting caught doodling or something he felt was a sign of unrecognised genius and then vowing revenge. I also can’t help thinking about (mostly) males in film abusing others, but neither can anyone else. Still love movies and some men, in spite of the poisoning of the memories. ***Glass.(using the mean lady abusing sick antiheroes connection) If you watch Glass as a nod to OFOtCN or an adaptation of “The Three Christs of Ypsilanti,” does that make it more fun? *can you gauge misogyny by opinions on the woman being killed in Jurassic World? It ranges from “B had it coming for not doing her job” to “That wasn’t her job, she didn’t deserve to die and we definitely didn’t need to see down her shirt as she was slowly tortured on two levels of the almost-dinosaur food-chain."
  2. RachaelB

    Episode 139 - The NeverEnding Story (w/ Dave Nadelberg)

    Well, shoot. I guess it's doomed at this point, but I only see it as canon worthy in terms of its nostalgia value. NOT just as what I associate with a better time. Rather, just that I went through life with some not-fully-conscious awareness of creepy moments. It was just whimsical enough fro me and also creepy in the vein of "The last Unicorn," "The Hobbit," "Labyrinth," Little Nemo" and all Bluth cartoons. It matters than I saw it at a time when I didn't fully understand stories, or didn't retain them, and only internalized the creepy, whimsical moments, and that had some effect on my life outlook. I think the Canon of film could benefit from being able to demonstrate to futurlings that the Millennial generation grew up with memories of practical effects used in terrifying, magical ways that made them the way they are. I mean, maybe we became so sarcastic and entitled yet pessimistic because we saw sphinx boobs and equine mud-drownings. Or whatever.
  3. RachaelB

    Episode 136 - The Best of 2017

    Get out, in addition to being well-crafted and fulfilling it's genre duties as a horror movie, does a unique service to human culture: It's akin to the vitamins blended into a finicky child's favorite but not-so-nutritious meal by a clever and concerned parent. (Important that it wasn't sneaky, but thoughtful.) While many great movies have been, "Oh that race movie," folks like me go into those knowing we're going to hit our white-guilt button and come out feeling bad for having benefitted from a system that harmed others for no reason, and then feel we've done a good deed by agreeing to feel bad, just as a person feels accomplished for eating a salad, even after coating it with ranch, such as, "I'm not like that. I wouldn't do that." But a horror movie tends to be sorted in our minds as a guilty pleasure, for seeing nudity and violence. I saw horror fans opt for this movie because it was faithful to its genre. They reached for a refrigerated thin-mint or a rich cheesecake, and got it, not knowing it was loaded with life-saving vitamins and maybe some medicine for illness most of us don't know we have. Thanks. love the show. P.S. "Black Museum" chomped quite a bit of "Get Out" flavor, and I still enjoyed it. I wanted more Get-Out-esque stuff the way I want some cheesecake now. P.S. my canon is "Movies I would want kept in a safe in the bunker for dystopian humans to watch, movies to launch into space to show others what we're all about AND movies everyone should acknowledge and consider seeing."