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    So I think there are five or so good Star Trek movies, most of which are more enjoyable if you know some of the history of the universe (aka knowing Picard's background with the Borg before watching First Contact). But even so, Wrath of Khan introduced me to the Star Trek world. And I wouldn't have been as interested in Next Gen, or even older sci-fi, had I not had such a good experience with this film when I was young. Part of me tried to view this objectively during this viewing, negating nostalgia and the fact that this movie informed the richness of the universe and characters for the next 30 years. And that part of me can acknowledge that there are some slow portions, (i.e. Bones talking to Kirk about his birthday) but even that moment is filled with a poignancy into this man's character, that I could forgive the scene with ease... it's overly dramatic at times, and David WAS bad casting... but this movie is rife with tension, mystery, and richness, not even taking into account its cultural impact and lasting recognizability, that it has to be in the canon. A note to Amy: as a Star Trek, Dr. Who, Marvel, (insert franchise here) fan, there is a certain amount of forgiveness I'll admit to for any of these, and most fans will. But to me, the best of them are indicative of the richness the rest strive for. I keep using that word, but there are lackluster or overblown episodes or instances of Dr Who and Star Trek that can be forgiven because of the greatness that is the whole of the series and what the characters and themes strive for. So when you hit an amazing arc in Dr Who or an episode of Star Trek that embodies the best of human wonder and optimism, or really gets at the core of the troubled characters involved in those stories, it carries with it that bold prospect of achieving the near-ideal. I'm just pontificating at this point, and I'm sure you know all this already and experienced it before, but since we don't get to hear about it as often from your side, what are Amy's series that carry weight in spite of their fallibilities? What do you know too much about?