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  1. In space no one can hear you scream, so shut up, I'm trying to hypersleep over here!
  2. Mitt Romney's Ramen Noodles

    There is no place like Home Depot

    There is no place like Home Depot
  3. You think I'm a buddy cop action comedy film? You should see The Other Guys
  4. Life is short, smile while you still got teeth. This is a warning, I'm the Toothfairy.
  5. I don't claim you can have a better time with GlorpSchlum than without it, but why take chances. GlorpSchlorp, it works every time!
  6. Get yourself a binary code that can do both, get yourself a library goat that can chew toast
  7. Enhance my pants and zoom in on that bad-boy
  8. I was a but a nut-boy when i first laid my eyes on yo ass, now I'm a fully grown Klump!
  9. "Giant Steps" in the streets, "A Love Supreme" in the sheets and "Kind of Blue" after soloing all over my pants
  10. Say what you will about the karate kid, but you can't deny he's got chops!
  11. Hold your donkeys and pardon my french fries, but please don't eat the crotch out of a low-flying duck
  12. Thots and prayers to all the players, Best wishes to all the bishes!
  13. Gotta get back in time for tea and biscuits with tea-mommy and biscuit-daddy!
  14. #Hashton Kutcher and Two and a Half years in the slammer for possession of Jobs!
  15. The Royal Tannin' Bums, starring Goop and a crazy Road Lizard!