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  1. To anyone who didnt "get" this ep: it's probably because you're not a true 90s kid, and dont member things like pokemons, dawson, and living in a time before Obama ruined the economy with weird food that might be made out of dogs. We forgive you though. Keep it real with slap bracelets and trapper keepers and shit!! Love, The real Zach Braff
  2. Thanks for the warm welcome, guys! I subbed on itunes, downloaded the ep on my phone with Howl, and went ahead and listened to it at work (the tv hospital) on soundcloud. And yeah, Natalie's a REAL piece of work; Sean bein on that submersible had me thinking about those frontal torpedoes somethin fierce! Dips in for Harambe, Actually Zach Braff
  3. Hey, sweeties! Been scoop-troopin for quite a while, but finally got the nerve to post because I need to axe yall a question: what's the best way to support our boys with my listen? Should I download or stream? Does platform matter? I just want to make sure I'm getting them the most bang for my not buck. Best wishes, The Real Zach Braff