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  1. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 550 - Cheesing Out The Wave D-Hole

    What's up... HOTDOG?!?!?!?
  2. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 38 - Larkin Christie

    While I am part of the LGBT+ community, and was homeschooled most of my life...I don't agree with nonbinary genders and "whiteness problems", so that's exactly why I listened to this. I may not agree with Larkin, but she sure is well-spoken. And let's not forget, some people may not believe in nonbinary genders, but we can always show basic human decency.
  3. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 548 - Know What I’m Saying?

    This episode was clean, know what I mean?!
  4. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 547 - Johnny Pacquiao

  5. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 546 - 69 Show Pitches

    They straddle annoying and funny.
  6. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 544 - On Script

    I totally saw what they did there. Very clever. However, please, no more Sean and Hayes. Please, I'm begging you!
  7. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 543 - The 9th Anniversary Show!

    The RC Cola got them in the end I suppose. Poor Scott...the stuff he has to deal with. ONE MORE YEAR!!
  8. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 542 - Big Ben Minus Ten

    C this ep? C it? Can you C it?
  9. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 541 - Is That A Joke?

    Milk and cereal, (and frogs legs), cereal and milk!! WTF?!?!?!?!?
  10. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 541 - Is That A Joke?

    I got worried for a minute there, thought Scott was going down the sh!tter.
  11. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 540 - Low Five

    C ep. HOWEVER, enjoyed the poor man's wordplay.
  12. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 539 - The Pointing Sisters

    Larry the Loner reminds me of Bob Ducca: "I have ideas", everyone starts giggling.
  13. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 538 - Ro…ller Co…aster O…ne

    No wonder Jordan fell in love with Chelsea, she's a joy!!
  14. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 537 - Silly Cone Valley Poo Crew Minus One

    Delightful, silly ep with a twist. We'll miss you!
  15. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 535 - Niles Per Hour

    He's right, this show IS annoying! But still, most of the time I find myself laughing up a storm. So Scott, I guess you're doing something right.
  16. First!! Thanks for putting this on Earwolf, absolutely loved it!
  17. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 534 - Solid As A Rock

    I Love this ep! Just wish they fleshed out the overall joke a little more, that was hilarious. New No-Nos are always a welcome treat. I'll give this one a solid C.
  18. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 533 - Is That Chocolate, Or What?

    Breakdown! Weird Al: always hilarious, Mary: eh, I've heard better characters from her (but I appreciated the kernel of truth) and Mano: please return, I'm begging you.
  19. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 532 - Everything Is Horrible and Wonderful

    I think Harris was looking down at Earwolf studios that day, what a stellar ep. I cried, I laughed, I thought PFT was James Adomian, it was just a beautiful way to spend nearly 2 hours. Rest in Reese's Pieces.
  20. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 531 - Atmosphere Bully

    This was a C+er. Not much of a Nicole Byer fan, but she wasn't bad in this. James's character equalled stomach hurting...so good. And Todd was amazing.
  21. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 530 - Zoom Zoom

    I liked it, until Danny Trejo Jr. showed up.
  22. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 529 - Am I The What?

    Um...not my favorite ep. Sorry.
  23. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 528 - This Is The Story of My Life

    Drew Tarver kinda always splits my sides. Hopefully there'll be another Drew Tarver/Ryan Gaul thing happening again.
  24. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 527 - Hootie Hoo

    I think Scott should do stand-up again, I think Scott should do stand-up again, I think Scott should do stand-up again.
  25. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 526 - Air Lift Me Out

    I actually liked the new theme. But you know what? The one with Adam Pally and Casey Wilson never fully escapes my mind.