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  1. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 525 - 2017 Holiday Spectacular

    Who knew the cure for winter blues caused by chaos WAS MORE CHAOS?
  2. Perfect episode for Christmas. The real one is probably gonna suck.
  3. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 523 - Chekhov's Phone

    This episode was...so extra.
  4. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 522 - Charlie's Bucket List

    The beginning of this ep deserves awards!
  5. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 521 - Bing Bong Goodbye

    Props to Scott Beercanman for such a great episode!
  6. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 520 - Dead Body Rap

    Rob needs to play a character next time. OMG he was awesome!
  7. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 519 - Law O Ver Everything

    Scott was on fire; heck this whole episode was on fire!
  8. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 518 - Corn Dog Horndog

    Cool ep; I'd give it a C.
  9. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 515 - Return to Suicide House Part 666

    C- ep. Is it just me or this podcast (in general) turning into a sex and politics fest most of the time? And I really wanna know if I'm the only one (probably am). Last year was much better.
  10. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 514 - The Calvins Twins Return

    Similar to Chris Gethard, this episode was Hilarious/Beautiful. C pluses all around!
  11. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 514 - The Calvins Twins Return

    That would be amazing!
  12. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 513 - Hobo Code

    I laughed so hard I tripped balls. Thanks for this piece of gold!
  13. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 511 - Morzouksnick Interruption

    I really needed this. That Bock Ducca guy, he really lifts my spirits.
  14. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 510 - Pound Foolish

    Too good! I died laughing at the pound joke!!
  15. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 509 - 3 Witches and a Baby

    Why can't we hear episodes on the CBB main page anymore? And an actual review: eh, good ep. Got quite silly at times; it was good. Love Tig Notaro. The end.
  16. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 508 - Beach Cheese

    1 content, 2 content, 3 content, 4...
  17. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 507 - Popcorn Costume

    Grape Lady noise is bae!
  18. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 506 - Hot Tub Diarrhea

    Pretty good ep!
  19. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 505 - Grass-Fed Bits

    I was trying to figure out who Dan Wilson was, and then I heard Closing Time. Ooh, also, MAGA biotches!!
  20. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 504 - The Bigger the Percent the Better

    I'm getting an "I don't like you" vibe. Anyone else??
  21. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 504 - The Bigger the Percent the Better

    I did hear something actually, like a little blip or something.
  22. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 502 - Reese's Feces

    Spoiler alert: Patricia Primm will return drunk.
  23. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 502 - Error 502

    Interestingly enough, I've been delightfully going through a Phone Corner playlist on YouTube. But on another note, Falcor is amazing!