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  1. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 471 - Shy By Nature, Outgoing By Nurture

    I'm a big fan of Kate Berlant, but I never found her funny on podcasts until this one.
  2. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 470 - Electric Guest Are Masculine

    Pretty solid ep...except the Janelle Jinx character annoyed me.
  3. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 469 - Quiznos What QuizDid

    This episode was maximum fun!
  4. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 468 - The Dream Method

    Another episode that I wished hadn't ended. Scott's always running out of time. Ugh. Dame it.
  5. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 465 - Harsh Joe Pinions

    Kil Ozeri is amazing!
  6. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 467 - TruLife TV

    Mike O'Brien practically saved this ep.
  7. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 464 - A Ton More Sexy

    As an African American woman, I must say that this episode triggered me because it wasn't funnier.
  8. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 463 - 2016 Holiday Spectacular

    This was awesome, but someone was missing, and I think we know-Ho-Ho who it was. Just wanted to make a pun.. I'll be leaving now.
  9. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 462 - Breakin’ Since the 30s

    The farmer's in Adele, the farmer's in Adele, what kind of porn is this, the farmer's in Adele.
  10. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 460 - Persons of Interest

    That spun my head right round, right round...
  11. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 459 - Giamatti Gives Thanks

    Past the date, but I'm thankful for CBB and CBBTV's long run... Thanks, That Was Fun.
  12. I don't usually cry laugh, but when I do, it's because of nonsense like this. Stay funny, my friends.
  13. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 457 - Prepare for the Quake

    Um, anybody else feel everything was just a setup for the "Mark" character? Because Jeremy Rowley had the funnier character imo.
  14. First visit to Suicide House and I had a blast!
  15. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 452 - Pow! Pow! Power Wheels!

    Eh, not my favorite episode, but the freestyle raps were glorious!
  16. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 448 - Master of Horror

    Man I didn't want that to end!