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  1. Crummy Scrimmage

    Episode 183 - Ladybugs: LIVE!

    If I'm not mistaken, when Matthew interrupts Chester's confession about not getting the promotion, he mentions to his mom that he joined a soccer team. That would explain his regular absence at home, but it's convenient that his mom shows ZERO interest in this revelation as the movie unfolds. Doesn't she ever want to see her son -- whom she admits is a driven and talented athlete -- play a game? She showed up at one of Chester's games -- though perhaps that was out of concern for why her septuagenarian fiance has taken a sudden interest in both soccer AND teenage girls. Also, given his athletic experience, why doesn't Matthew wear a cup during a SOCCER GAME? His teammates weren't likely to notice the bulge, since picking up on blatant empirical evidence does not seem to be their collective strength.
  2. Crummy Scrimmage

    #197 Dave Thomas

    Odd that Dave blanked on Jean Doumanian's name and Gilbert didn't chime in.
  3. Crummy Scrimmage

    Episode 183 - Ladybugs: LIVE!

    My favorite contrivance in the movie was the couple who got knocked over by one of Kimberly's wild (yet wildly accurate) kicks..because who among us doesn't love a relaxing bicycle ride through the grass of an athletic field.
  4. Crummy Scrimmage

    Episode 183 - Ladybugs: LIVE!

    Heartbeeps would be a good one to do...it's WTF from beginning to end. I recall Carbon Copy being abhorrent (even seeing it as a kid in the 80s)...might be too depressing to dissect on the show, haha. I recommend Chevy Chase's two 1981 entries: Under The Rainbow and Modern Problems. Both will leave you asking "WHY?!"
  5. Crummy Scrimmage

    Episode 99 - Jeff Foxworthy Is Rastafarian Now (w/ Jason Saenz)

    I couldn't breathe during the bit of Mark trying to do Jeff's routine. Then to have it end with an actual error in the list...
  6. Crummy Scrimmage

    Episode 99 - Jeff Foxworthy Is Rastafarian Now (w/ Jason Saenz)

    Why is Hard Nation so good?
  7. Crummy Scrimmage

    Episode 182 - Rock Star: LIVE!

    Jason said "yins" in the correct context this week!
  8. Crummy Scrimmage

    Episode 97 - Alec Baldwin Is Beetlejuice (w/ Lee Rubenstein)

    I loved Mark's Henson/Belushi confusion. Also the fact that he thought Midnight Cowboy was called Cowboy Bebop.
  9. Crummy Scrimmage

    Episode 181 - Freejack: LIVE!

    Regarding Pennsylvania colloquialisms, Jason says "yins" when referencing Jessica's South Philly family, but "yins" is a western and central PA saying. Philly locals would say "yous", which means the same thing (and is as equally unpleasant to the ear).
  10. Crummy Scrimmage

    Episode 96 - Michael Wolff Fucks (w/ Adam Frucci)

    I absolutely love this podcast.
  11. "I don't know why you're smiling...I fucking hate you." I've been playing catch-up with this podcast for a week now and I think I'm obsessed with Pete.
  12. Crummy Scrimmage

    Plugging In Character

    A 2018 re-entry into the charts...
  13. Crummy Scrimmage

    Episode 525 - 2017 Holiday Spectacular

    His impression reminded me of Bubi Bear from "Help! It's the Hair Bear Bunch".
  14. Crummy Scrimmage

    Episode 523 - Chekhov's Phone

  15. Crummy Scrimmage

    Episode 317 - Sing A Long Experiment #3

    It turned into an episode of CBB when Scott was grilling the members of Sha Na Na over their suspect lineage.
  16. Funny that Oscar brought up "Whiter Shade of Pale", which I've always heard shades of in the Spontaneanation theme. Matt Gourley and Carl Tart are my favorite Spontaneanation guests. They steer the show into epic territory every time they are on.
  17. Wearing a Santa costume for Halloween is a BOLD move. You saw kids doing that a lot in the '70s and 80s...not so much now.
  18. Crummy Scrimmage

    Episode 515 - Return to Suicide House Part 666

    Is (was?) Ghost Mom Sally Kellerman? (On a related note, I don't think I'll be able to eat Hidden Valley Ranch ever again.)
  19. Crummy Scrimmage

    Plugs McMurphy

    Thank you, sir
  20. Crummy Scrimmage

    Plugging In Character

  21. Wow -- much like everyone else, I don't remember writing this.