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    Friends Help Friends

    I scratch your back, you scratch mine
  2. I recall Scott mentioning once that is favorite kind of music used all 12 notes of the western scale in the same song. If that is indeed true, then he's guaranteed to LOVE this plugs theme.
  3. Crummy Scrimmage

    I bet E.T. is dead by now.

    This DEFINITELY has to be true by NOW, right?!?
  4. Crummy Scrimmage

    I bet E.T. is dead by now.

    I bet E.T. is dead by now.
  5. Crummy Scrimmage

    Plug Bag Heist Theme

    An orchestration of the heist music Jason and Scott sang in CBB ep 638.
  6. Crummy Scrimmage

    Plug Bag Heist Theme

  7. Crummy Scrimmage

    Plug Bag Heist Theme

    Bump. Getting nostalgic.
  8. Crummy Scrimmage


    Time continues to make MASH's flaws worse. I first saw it in the 90s and it didn't hold up well then either. It was interesting only to see Sutherland and Gould at a time in their careers when they had charisma to burn.
  9. This ep made me realize how much I miss hearing Jessica St. Clair on a weekly basis. Great stuff...except the part where they ragged on Paul's childhood yet again. Tsk tsk
  10. Crummy Scrimmage

    Annie Hall

    This movie helped me identify and begin to deal with my anxiety, specifically the scene where Alvy suddenly recovers from his "illness" the second he no longer has to present that award. The movie became serious at that point ("Oh my god....that's ME. I need to do something about this.").
  11. Crummy Scrimmage

    The Godfather

    Haven't seen this movie (or its sequel) in like 20 years and have no desire to revisit it. I know my take is totally subjective, but I just remember not giving a fiddler's fart about any of the people in it or the things that they did (though the DeNiro stuff was kind of interesting). In fact, with the exception of the tropes that have saturated our culture, I realized while Paul and Amy were jogging my memory that these movies had no impact on me.
  12. Crummy Scrimmage

    I bet E.T. is dead by now.

    I stand by this
  13. Crummy Scrimmage

    Episode 224: Starcrash: LIVE!

    Caroline Munro's voice was dubbed by Candy Clark...who is this week's guest on Unspooled. Coincidence??!? Probably.
  14. Crummy Scrimmage

    Episode 224: Starcrash: LIVE!

    Elle's voice reminded me of "Old B.O.B." from The Black Hole...another robot with a southern accent from another Star Wars rip-off. But Starcrash came first, so...I guess they were setting the trend? Interesting, too, that Paul read a 5-star review that mentioned Slim Pickens (the voice of Old B.O.B.). Well...maybe not that interesting.
  15. Crummy Scrimmage


    Oh, no doubt. But there is some egregious overacting from everyone. If it's taken as satire though, then all the over-the-top stuff fits. I was responding to the take in the podcast (I think it was from Paul) that this movie might not be meant as satire. I think you have to take it as satire...otherwise it has issues.
  16. Crummy Scrimmage


    I love this movie...the concept, the way it's presented, everything. Plus Peter Finch is one of my favorites. BUT...the way every character gets their own cathartic schpiel, I can't help but think about Bob Odenkirk saying (as guidance counselor Moe Phelps) "All acting is is jumping up and down and screaming a lot." It's a funny and unfair distillation of the acting profession...but it's not necessarily incorrect. So I think you HAVE to take in Network as satire. Otherwise, despite its prescience, it's a little much.
  17. Crummy Scrimmage

    Pulp Fiction

    Haven't seen this movie since its release. I remember thinking the last third of the movie was boring compared to the other two and I wished he'd just kept the story linear. I remember thinking there was too much filler dialogue (oof, that "Royale with cheese" bit doesn't deserve the attention it gets). And I'd seen enough 70s flicks prior to seeing PF that the whole enterprise came off like a guy robbing a grave. I had the same opinion of Jackie Brown and less-so Reservoir Dogs (the only other two Tarantino movies I've bothered to watch). I DO enjoy that 70s aesthetic though, so it was neat to see that come back (unironically, that is -- I'm Gonna Git You Sucka came out 6 years prior!). I didn't feel like I was seeing anything groundbreaking. But it was entertaining enough to see twice in the theater.
  18. Crummy Scrimmage

    Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

    I feel the same way about Glengarry Glen Ross (another stage adaption). I haven't seen Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf in 20 years or so, but I recall liking it, and I recall liking George and Martha. I'd rather spend an evening with them than Nick and Honey.
  19. Crummy Scrimmage

    Episode 217 - Jaws 3-D

    The interiors in this movie are lit in the same way as cheap '70s potboiler TV shows. Don't get me wrong, I'm drawn to that look, but it's pretty lazy for a big budget movie made in '83. Also, I don't like when they rag on Paul for his childhood asides. He obviously tells the stories because he knows they are funny and/or odd, but then he's made to feel bad about it. He just sounds like he was a kid with an over-active imagination.
  20. Crummy Scrimmage

    Episode 216.5 - Minisode 216.5

    I remember when NBC premiered Manimal a few months after this movie, I was like, "Hey, it's that guy from Jaws 3". (It was a short-lived reference; now -- and forever more -- when I reference Simon MacCorkindale, I say, "that guy from Manimal.")
  21. Crummy Scrimmage

    Episode 216.5 - Minisode 216.5

    I saw Jaws 3-D in the theater when I was 7. It was a fun experience (3-D movies were a rare novelty in '83) but a lackluster movie. Haven't seen it since. I can't imagine how bad it is NOT in 3-D. Can't wait to get re-acquainted.
  22. Crummy Scrimmage

    Dickie Plugman

    bump https://soundcloud.com/toddfronauer/dickie-plugman