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  1. Sirus Moran

    Repli-Kate (2002)

    Might be too late to get into the Summer of Clones
  2. Sirus Moran

    Episode 190 - Hurricane Heist: LIVE!

    The money is going to be shredded by the US Treasury. Serial numbers on bank notes don't get reused. The US Treasury is more than likely to keep a record of all bank notes that they destroy. ... all the money that is being stolen therefor has all of their serial numbers on record being at the same place and time. They wanted to steal traceable money?
  3. Sirus Moran

    Episode 54: Q and A

    Just thinking about some non James Bond songs. Granted, the song is a few movies behind now, but Sock it to 'Em J B by the Specials Secondly and more importantly, when Humanity by the Scorpions came out I thought it was a new James Bond theme. It definitely wouldn't have been out of place. It came out between Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace.
  4. Sirus Moran

    Episode 159 - Sleepwalkers

    I know it's not about the movie, but Beasts of Burden is a great comic series. The other series that was sort of mentioned in the episode is probably Rover Red Charlie from Avatar. Not written by Kirkman though, it was written by Garth Ennis
  5. As a side note, Pablo Hidalgo was in Revenge of the Sith for a second or two on the outside of the senate. So he too was there .... just at a different time.