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    Episode 241: Ninja III: The Domination

    Christie's doctor tells her that her health is good and lists multiple reasons why she is in great health. One of the things she says is the the psychologist says she has extraordinary ESP, Extra Sensory Perception. The only psychologists that I remember testing for ESP in the 80s were Venkman, Spangler and Stantz. Is the Ninjaverse a shared universe with Ghostbusters?
  2. RickeyBertram

    Episode 148 - Vampire's Kiss: LIVE!

    When I first show this movie on Showtime in high school I was really confused. From the trailer I thought that it would be like Once Bitten. Boy was I wrong. Nick Cage stood out as a performer to be revered and feared for me even then. I work in healthcare and after thinking back to Nick Cage's symptoms in the movie, I believe that he is suffering from Neurosyphilis!! Neurosyphilis is a form of syphilis that you can develop which attacks the lining of the brain and causes all kinds of mental issues. When an elderly person presents with senility or Alzheimer the first thing the doctor will try to rule out is syphilis. Cage is banging chicks left and right in the 80s and most likely raw dogging it. He was bound to pick something up and syphilis would definitely by in the top five VD to get in the 80s. This fits with the movie perfectly! You don't watch 8 years of House MD without learning a little something about medicine.
  3. RickeyBertram

    Episode 146 - Dreamcatcher

    The Death By Anus scenes from this movie made me thing of another crazy Death by Anus movie: Bubba Hotep starring Bruce Campbell as a geriatric Elvis Presley fighting an ancient mummy that sucks the souls of the nursing home residents through their asshole. Elderly Elvis teams up with a black John F. Kennedy to stop this evil from beyond the grave from taking their friends out the back door. This is a great crazy movie that is not to be missed by any Campbell fan.