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    Body Double (1984)

    This would be absolutely great for the show. It's got weird violence, odd sexuality, and incoherent storytelling with an ending that's just bizarre. The imdb.com description really does it justice by describing it as a "baffling series of events".
  2. TheRealChevChelios

    Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2011)

    Someone suggested this before it came out, so this is a recommendation having seen it. It's 95 minutes and maintains a high energy, so it never gets boring. They love to make fun of movies that barely surpass 90 minutes, and it's a Nicolas Cage movie made by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, basically the quintessential team for a How Did This Get Made movie. There's potential for discussion on insane casting (including Idris Elba and Ciaran Hinds), special effects that are questionable at best, nonstop bizarre dialogue, inexplicable character choices, and why they would ever make a second Ghost Rider movie. It has Ghost Rider pissing fire, vomiting bullets, sassing off dead bodies, and he has the ability to turn a monster truck into a flaming demon vehicle like his motorcycle. If it's too soon for another Neveldine/Taylor movie to be discussed, that's understandable, but even if it's not covered on the show this ceaseless barrage of insanity is worth checking out.