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  1. AlessandraFritz

    Episode 166 - Normal People, Our Close Friends LIVE

    Yo, it's me, Liar Girl Ali! I'm massively unsuccessful and decided to become a lawyer and go to law school. Currently waiting to hear from Berkeley and UCLA. Liars make great lawyers right?? Also my thesis wasn't filmed. But my mom gave me a glass swan and told me I wasn't an ugly duckling anymore! So it musta been good. (the glass swan has since been stepped on & its head was crushed so)) I only just listened to the ep 'cause I was on vacation. Wowww maybe I should have gone into voice acting after all she said knowing that this statement wasn't true because she hates rejection oh ps. my only regret was saying "Hold on" so many times, that was not my greatest moment also I'm good at mario kart?? mario party?? marios??
  2. idk shrug shrug probably already been done by someone long ago