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    My Road to 20 Podcast Episodes

    my podcast is actually about to put out its 20th episode, i should finish editing, it feels like weve been doing this forever when its really been not even 6 months. it is certainly exciting though and ours is going to be our season 1 finale (yes i know season 2 already started)
  2. bgolding

    Improv Podcast Stigma?

    heres the thing about improv. if i dont know anyone who is in it there is no shot i am going to listen to it, so what can happen is say youll listen to all the comedy bang bang episodes with your favorite comedian THEN you might decide to try other episodes. i think that there is not shot anyone will listen to you small improv podcast unless you have some super famous guests. i would say that this is one of the only categories with problem (along with interview based shows) whereas all those stupid movie watching or true crime shows just need an interesting crime or movie to get listeners.
  3. bgolding

    I'll guest on any show that will have me

    if your still doing this we will definitely call you for my podcast. no preparation necessary we just kind of call and ask questions/chat about whatever we happen to be talking about at the time. skip through some of the recent episodes you'll see what i mean, we would just need your phone number and have you available for 30 mins or so, we usually record around 5 pm on tuesdays or thursdays
  4. Hi everyone, i have been looking for a place to discuss podcasts for a long time both DIY and very well produced ones like on earwolf, hopefully this is the place i have been looking for. I figured i would post my podcast to start, i would recommend starting on Episode 15 because we got much better equipment, the sound quality is much higher. i welcome any feedback and give it a chance, they are only 30 minutes and the first 5-10 tend to be a lot of set up with the pay off coming in the second half of the episodes. thanks all