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  1. Maybe I wasn't clear. If there's every reason to assume that Clinton would abuse her power as much as Obama and Trump, without being held accountable by her own base, then why vote at all? A dystopian society is only a dystopian society to those who notice it as such. If my two choices are despot A vs. despot B, then why should I vote? People like me sound the alarm, and point out injustices as loudly as we can every time a president commits them, but time and time again, those complaints fall on deaf ears by the people who elected them. Every time I brought up Obama's authoritarian or militaristic abuses of power to Hillary supporters in this election cycle, it was as though they never even heard of them, or they would use chillingly Orwellian phrases like "he did what needed to be done," "he was forced to take executive action because congress was unwilling to act (follow his dictates, in other words)." How do you respond to such justification? Pretend their referring to Trump or Bush. With all of Trump's horrifyingly racist and chauvinistic remarks, the fact is, when it comes to his actions, he still has less blood on his hands than former senator and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. Trump's weapons up until now have been "you're fired" and "I'll sue your ass." Take that and the fact that unlike Trump's, Clinton's campaign is largely funded by the same major financial interests who funded the presidential campaigns of Democrat and Republican candidates going back for generations, and you might get a glimpse of how little reason there is to believe Hillary would offer any positive change. So, to me, Clinton vs. Trump is like heads vs. tails. We get screwed either way, and the ones who support them will ignore or defend their abuses. As a side note, I like how you immediately insult my intelligence with such colorful language. It really makes you sound reasonable and level-headed.
  2. I didn't vote for Trump, or Clinton, for that matter, and I appreciate cracked making an effort to urge people to be civil toward Trump supporters, and not to act like it's a worse disaster than 9-11. But still, I think Jack and Jason are coming across as a little too self-righteous. Jason gave me a little hope that he's starting to get it, when he said he looked the other way when Obama did a few things that may have been a little authoritaria. That was on the right track, but didn't quite get it. We always look the other way when a president of own party infringes on somebody's rights. Especially Democrats. Republicans cheer their presidents on, when they do it. Democrats just glaze over it, or insist on giving their president the benefit of the doubt. Liberals are like soft racists when it comes to crimes against humanity. They act like if they pretend their elected officials aren't doing it, it's the same thing as being against it. If President Trump and the republican congress wants to find a way to mandate that we all buy a product of his choice or else pay a hefty tax penalty, what's to stop them? The constitution? The Supreme Court already ruled that that's not a right we have (#thanksobama). What if the Trump administration wants to order some of us arrested in secret, and detained indefinitely without warrant, legal counsel, accusation of a crime, or even the chance to see a judge. Well we can thank the Obama administration for giving Mr. Trump that authority, and then securing it in federal court for him. Might Trump want to drone strike someone's wedding or funeral, or a hospital, and never justify it to the public? Obama did it. Maybe he wants to unilaterally commit acts of war against nations not hostile to us, without even consulting congress first. That's another precedent set by his immediate predecessor. Where were democrats when these things happened? Where was the outrage? Why were they not standing up for our rights? Why were they not criticizing Clinton for not taking a stance against these rights violations? I guess my main criticism about this podcast episode, is that Jack and Jason still seem to have this "we need to educate our opposition" attitude. Well I think you need to hold your own representatives accountable. And you should be trying to demand improvement in their policies, and be honest enough to criticize them when they exercise too much authority and violate people's rights. Hold their feet to the fire, and don't let up, until they reverse their own crimes. A lot of us out here have decided to avoid the ballot box, not caring if Trump gets elected or not, because from our perspective, Tyrants have been in the oval office for decades. We're used to it. What's one more to add to the list?