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  1. Doctor Dreidel

    Teaser Freezer suggestion...

    Here's the trailer for the gritty Wizard of Oz reboot "Emerald City".
  2. Doctor Dreidel

    Favorite Handbook ads

    There's an ad for Square Cash on the Tom Scharpling episode - Sean and Hayes pitch Square Cash as being a way to pay your teacher to tell your dad that you have a girlfriend.
  3. Doctor Dreidel

    Eagle Eye (2008)

    I wish I could forget about . Perhaps it is a product of my dislike for Shia LaBeouf. 26% on Rotten Tomatoes. However, I would not consider the film to be "Bonkers".
  4. The only post-election satire which I've actually laughed at. Keep up the good work, boys.
  5. Doctor Dreidel

    Guess who was on Comedy Bang Bang? (the tv show)

    Such a sweetie.