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  1. OMG OMG OMG! Can't believe they have picked a suggestion of mine. My Stepmother's An Alien is such a perfect film for this show. No-one in it acts remotely human. Can't wait for June's reaction to the dog being thrown out the window and to see is Jason is turned on by the sentient dildo in the handbag!


    THIS MOVIE IS INSANE. It's operating on so many different levels of intelligence all at once. It also has so many competing plot points. I'm watching it right now and all I can say is I miss Jon Lovitz.

  2. I have never watched Grease, so Grease 2 will be a trip. I also dislike musicals because they defy logic. There's no way around it.


    Spoken dialogue, dramatic conflict, and suddenly everyone in that world knows dance choreography and lyrics to a song concerning a matter they weren't privy to moments earlier.


    It's like "The Apple" hour long exercise session. But without the minute long warning. And more frequent. Better description, it's like "The Apple" exercise session had a baby with P90x, that baby grew up, and graduated with a degree in English Literature from a very intense liberal arts college.

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  3. For Your Consideration: life on a line




    In the picture there's the caption Lifetime Achievement Award. This should be a category. The one to cap it all off.


    The HDTGM Nicholas Cage Lifetime Achievement Award - and like the Oscars, a super cut is required.


    Also, apologies if this is already listed as a category. Clearly, I didn't read everything. Life of an ignoramus.

  4. Unbelievable, but Paul Michael Glaser, director of the beloved "Kazaam" also directed "The Running Man." Amazingly, this takes place only a year from now (depending on what video cover you read).


    That being said, my 4 recommendations. Yeah, I put down 4. DEAL:


    1. The Running Man (1987)

    2. The Tuxedo (2002, not enough Jackie Chan)

    3. The Christmas Toy (1986, a horrifying muppet version of Toy Story)

    4. Simon Sez (1999)