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    Yum-Yums in my Tum-Tums.
  1. Gordon Lightfoot? More like Gordon Heavyfoot... He likes to drive fast.
  2. I got air mailed a male heir. He is a tiny prince. I named him Timmy.
  3. Messy Jesse Skewball

    It's a ok day for a sun waltz.

    It's a ok day for a sun waltz.
  4. Fraggle Rock Steady Freddy Mercury Chrysler Dodgeball: A true underdog story book ending.
  5. Thank you. I am very new to posting and everyone here seems very fun and whacky. I look forward to the few moments of the day i get to read these posts and I always get a good chuckle. This pod cast has helped me get through some pretty dark times and I love the fact that fans can contribute. Peace, Love, and Tushy slaps- Skewball
  6. Dog Legs! Turkey Legs! Aah… thanksgiving on the golf course.
  7. A dandy of a lion, picked a dandelion.He brought it to his wife because she was crying. She'd been roaring about his snoring, but, she kissed him on the cheek and said thanks for trying.
  8. You want Vermouth? You can't handle Vermouth!
  9. Happy yum-yum games! And may the cods be forever in your flavor.
  10. Because you know I'm all about them eggs. 'Bout them eggs, no bacon.