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  1. EnjoysThings

    Episode 94 - Sarah For Real

    Haha a very great ep. Glad to hear Sarah
  2. In this World we call Life, there is nothing more Here than Now.
  3. Speak softly, and carry a big stick. And also speak at normal volumes. And also set down the big stick sometimes.
  4. EnjoysThings

    Episode 465 - Harsh Joe Pinions

    Haha yes a misstep—wouldn't have been surprised if Scott and Matt had Gil's improv card revoked.
  5. I may have left off your favorite character...
  6. EnjoysThings

    Huge Thank You!

    Well said Cappy. CBB is a great force of happiness in my life too.
  7. EnjoysThings

    Episode 464 - A Ton More Sexy

    HA Gringo Starr. So great. I love when someone does a quick impression, and everybody latches onto it. Like Lauren Lapkus picking up as the Dell guy a few eps ago.
  8. EnjoysThings

    Your First CBB Ep - was it a C+?

    new podcast ritual: -hear about a podcast -check out some combination of first/most-recent episodes -decide it's worth becoming addicted to -listen to all of it Yeah? So for CBB, what were the first episodes you heard—more importantly—what was your reaction, ya know? Was it a C+ right away? or did it need to grow on you? F i r s t I listened to a Bob Odenkirk episode, which is how I found CBB in the first place. But I was surprised to hear a character guest come on after a bit, and just wanted to listen to an interview with Bob Odenkirk haha. Got a bit turned off. T h e n I got a friend's recommendation to try out a Fourvel episode—that's when it clicked. "Oh, it's this unique conversation/improv/playful thing. Wow how excellent." T h e n I couldn't get enough of the free-range fun of Scott's interviews of characters. So all the Holiday Spectaculars... that's where I was just blown away by the craziness of it all. N o w One or two CBB episodes magically download onto a small computer I carry in my pocket every week. It's very nice. You?
  9. EnjoysThings

    Episode 463 - 2016 Holiday Spectacular

    PFT, James Adomian—nearly as synonymous with CBB as Aukerman himself is. So now I'm taking a moment listening to this to appreciate funny people that I became aware of this year—such greatness JEREMY ROWLEY DREW TARVER TAWNY NEWSOME and of course RYAN GAUL
  10. EnjoysThings

    Episode 463 - 2016 Holiday Spectacular

    Frosty, do you still hang out with Parson Brown? Holiday spectaculars were the first CBB eps I listened to—always great. To all, a good time!
  11. Wow, so glad these guys were on CBB— I am loving the magic tavern now. Good call. Such great improv week-to-week. These performers are amazing—so very funny
  12. Sharon Stone, Jay Leno, Pink, Shania Twain and Macy Gray all worked at McDonalds for their first job. Just letting you know.
  13. Every book is a coloring book, if you plan to never return it to the Portland Public Library
  14. EnjoysThings

    Episode 458 - Solo Bolo Cuatrolo

    This ep was great. Sent me back to revisit the old solo bolos.
  15. EnjoysThings

    Episode 459 - Giamatti Gives Thanks

    Yes, compared to some of the things Giamatti has said and done in the past... hard to top those. But Adomian was absolutely great, as usual. There was some cringe-worthy awkwardness at the beginning with the Thayer interview—Scott doesn't normally go so hard at a first timer, ha. This week, I am thankful for CBB.