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  1. Elizabeth

    AV Clubs favorite podcasts of 2016!!!!!

    When I first started this episode I read the first few words of the description and thought "ho hum, another week of Sean and Hayes apart." When Sean called Hayes, I was cracking up at how Hayes was able to pick up the phone and immediately begin HH-improv with Sean out of nowhere with no prep or context. So when Sean first asked what that sound was, I wondered that myself. One of the funniest fucking podcast episodes I've ever heard.
  2. I wanted to use my first post to alert everyone to the Sean+Hayes doppelganger that appeared on a recent episode of Chopped. Derek Boaz, or as I like to call him, Shayes: Shayes in action: http://imgur.com/a/w0jI9 A smart funny cool guy who's also nice, who woulda thought!!