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  1. suburbs_lady_02134

    Monster F*ck

    I've seen that. Paul never not laughs.
  2. suburbs_lady_02134

    Monster F*ck

    I *cannot* be the only one that LOOOVES 'Comedy Bang Bang' but never laughed at 'The Monster F*ck'? And it won "best of" ! Sheesh. I get the vibe PFT isn't a big fan of that little number, either.
  3. suburbs_lady_02134

    Episode 610 - NutsStalgia

    Never mind! I wish I could delete posts; can I?
  4. What is the most active place on the internet for fans of the Teachers Lounge? Twitter somewhere? Insta? Reddit but in a place I don't know about? Thank you!
  5. When I listen to the four of them rambling on, I wish they were my friends. Is this what the kids these days feel when they watch other kids play video games online?
  6. I signed up for Stitcher Premium *just* to listen to season 5 of SuperEgo. However, I need the eps in mp3 form. So that I can put them on a thumb drive and listen to them in my car. I have *no* other way to listen to them in my car, and that's the *only* place I want to listen to them. I save them as special rewards for commuting. I do NOT have a data plan for my phone. I have tried various apps, add-ons, programs, software, tricks, etc. to figure out how to save podcasts from Stitcher Premium onto my *computer.* I cannot find a way. I've sent many emails asking various people for advice. I think that since I've paid money to access Stitcher Premium podcasts that I should be able to download the audio so I can listen in my car. What do you think? ~Katy
  7. suburbs_lady_02134

    Episode 58 - BONUS: Listler's Love Lockdown

    Exactly; the postcast is about Marissa Wompler, and now at least 1/3rd of the poscast is Parham and St. Clair doling out average white chick love advice. Which ends up being just them hedging their own opinions with "like, I guess..." and going back and forth on their own opinions. Stay in your lane, funny ladies. With that said, if *Marissa* and *Charlotte* gave the advice, and stayed in character, of course the advice would be totally off the mark and hence hilarious. Marissa giving love advice? She's only ever had relations with a coat rack. Lister? She dated a guy with a secret family. Their advice would be hysterical.
  8. suburbs_lady_02134

    Episode 58 - BONUS: Listler's Love Lockdown

    That is fascinating, "AlmostAGhost," because I feel the exact opposite. I looooove the characters Marissa and Charlotte. But when they suddenly start doling out advice, it's like sccreeeeeech, the brakes are on, and we've taken a hairpin turn, and Marissa has morphed instantaneously from a 17 to 22 year old high schooler to a 45 year old woman. Notice that even in your comment above, you refer to the advice-givers as Jessica and Lennon. Yet....they still refer to themselves as Marissa and Listler. They should not call it "Lister's" love lockdown...they should say we're now breaking character and this will be "Lennon's" love lockdown. Marissa the normally-clueless suddenly doling out serious advice with the experienced voice of a 45 year old woman is something I fast forward through. The rest of the podcast? Comedy gold.
  9. suburbs_lady_02134

    Episode 51 - John Flynn - Spotlight On: Nurse Frank Teeple

    I looooove Womp It Up. But fully 1/3rd of the podcast is now attempted legit relationship advice, in their segment called "Lister's Love Lock-down." Marissa, who is supposed to be a high schooler, suddenly and disconcertingly morphs into 45 year old woman trying to give legit relationship advice. I usually have to fast-forward through this segment now, because the brilliant hosts lose the plot and get self-indulgent and dole out not-meant-to-be-funny relationship advice, as if they are suddenly hosts of a love hotline. Both Marissa and Charlotte are *known* for their own ridiculous, flawed love lives. It de-rails the whole improv comedy thing when they suddenly try to give real advice with the actor's own real brains. I don't get it and I don't like it and I fast-forward it. Unforch, they seem to like to hear themselves expound upon their own advice more and more each week, whereas I think they should cut back on this segment, answering maybe just one letter, and making the advice come from Marissa the teenager, not St. Clair. They could make an off-shoot podcast if they want; just "Lister's Love Lock-Down." I wouldn't listen, but then certain people who like the segment and amateur love advice could get their fix and the brilliant St. Clair and Parham could get their fix of helping people, which is what it has come to sound like they like to indulge in. TL;DR.... Stay in your lane, 'Womp It Up!'
  10. My fave part of the two eps with Pam Murphy? Listening to Mike's stifled giggles. "Signed, Maaaaand...y. Bul. Mandybul."
  11. It can't REALLY be ending. No. No!! 'Hard Nation' made me miss my exit an embarrassing amount of times due to laughing!
  12. suburbs_lady_02134

    Episode 97 - Alec Baldwin Is Beetlejuice (w/ Lee Rubenstein)

    I *love* Hard Nation. But here comes some loving, sincere criticism: "Pete" needs to not be so angry the entire episode. Not just this episode; I mean in general in all eps. It's gotten to the point where I kind of cringe or duck whenever it's Pete's turn to talk. He sounds so sincerely angry that the silliness of the show disappears for a moment. Then the guest and "Mark" get it back on track by being completely absurd (the reason I love this podcast so much; it's absurd), until Pete gets enraged again. The issue is that I think the hilarious actor playing Pete (Paul W.) is wanting to make sure the audience knows that what the other guys are spouting is not their true beliefs. But there's zero need for this. No one for a second believes anything anyone on this podcast is saying. Not infrequently, Paul breaks the 4th wall in order to say something is too outrageous to even joke about. He'll say things like, "Okay, that's not even funny." Or, "Let's not go there; that's problematic," etc. etc. That makes the absurd place just evaporate, every time "Pete" feels the need to make sure we know were "just kidding" here on this podcast. The other problem with this is that he sounds just too genuinely angry. And it's very jarring. It sincerely harshes my silly mellow. How is it that Mark/Mike can yell and be angry, but it's not jarring, and Pete/Paul is a bit quieter but sounds more genuinely angry? I don't know, but I've found myself wanting to fast forward through the Pete parts, because they aren't silly or absurd and are just angry. And unfortunately I don't think it's 100% fake anger; too much of Paul is coming through. Just one fan's opinion...
  13. suburbs_lady_02134

    Episode 28 - Brian Huskey - Spotlight On: Seth Wompler

    Seth to Marissa: "LEGALLY I love you." Seth: "Hold on! Hold the goddamn crap on! I get to cheese it!"
  14. Is this gonna be a *new* Santa 'n' HoHo type episode? Omg, I am so excited for the giggling that this will induce. These things are as rare as diamonds, and just as...sparkley?
  15. This episode created many Mike Still giggles, which I love because it's infectious and gives me the giggles, too. Anyway, I can't stop saying, "YOU SUCK! And I was like, BRAH NAH!!!!" Pamela knows an improv secret: Total confidence in your character. I've listened 3 times in the car so far, chasing the high that was the first LOL that made tears. Only comedy nerds will know that struggle. #firstworldcomedyproblems