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  1. Apologies if this isn't the place to post this question but I'm not sure where else to go to ask, even directly contacting Earwolf seems to be more for fan mail that may get read weeks down the line,


    All I really wanted to know is if it's possible to gift a subscription to Howl premium to somebody else? Like, if I could buy a set 6 month subscription using my own email (probably done via my own iPhone) then give the log in info to a person to use on their phone as a gift? I wouldn't be using the subscription on my phone at the same time or anything, I'm just wondering if there's any unseen security stuff that says the account can only be used on the phone it was created on or something.


    As you may have guessed I'm not exactly a hotdog when it comes to technology and this may have been a silly question but I just thought I'd ask.