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  1. theres lots of great hh clips on youitube, but i specifically want a supercut of sean singing pop songs. maybe also one of hayes beatboxing. anyone have that?
  2. SSN

    Best of 2016 Pt. 3

    baffling that scott doesnt know the scatman
  3. SSN

    dammit kevin

    they are godlike in their abstraction in my mind. these faces mere puppets in the play of the subconscious. i will never be able to tell which is which by looking at them.
  4. SSN

    request for Sean and Hayes to bust on the oa

    is it worth watching in order to get theoretical jokes? i only had to watch 35 minutes of westworld to get all the jokes about that dumbfuk show
  5. todd solondz and julie klausner guest?
  6. man, mother fuck wil wheaton!
  7. did you ask for not this?
  8. I really wanted Will Weldon on the show. I spammed sean and hayes on twitter for a 3 weeks, every day asking once that they book him. Hayes liked all the spam posts, and sean blocked me. So now i'm here. Hollywood handbook is #1 podcast to me. and will is such a sweet sweet boy, and so good at being sardonic. he should be on the show. who would you like to hear on HH?