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  1. Barrel Bucket

    Shock 'Em Dead (1991)

  2. Barrel Bucket

    Store Suggestion: Comedy Bang Bang Karaoke Album

    This was my first thought
  3. It may have been the 2018 Best ofs when Paul and Scott joked about playing Fortnite and turning it into a podcast, but I still think about this a lot and wish they would do it and stream it on Twitch.
  4. Mind You, My Mind Only Minds Your Mime on Tuesdays When You Pack Your Sack Before You Get Your Nintendo Backpack Back
  5. Barrel Bucket

    Shock 'Em Dead (1991)

    BUMP! Such a shame they never put this on DVD. I only was able to get a copy by finding a random Blockbuster Video that had this on VHS in 2004. I managed to duplicate it using two VCRs. I think it's sitting in a box at my parents' house somewhere.
  6. Barrel Bucket

    Hamburger: The Motion Picture (1986)

    Bump This! Also, Dick Butkus is the main antagonist!
  7. Barrel Bucket

    Your First CBB Ep - was it a C+?

    I can't remember which was my first. It was back when Scott talked about Indie 103.1 and the show was called Comedy Death Ray. I remember I listened to it for about 30 seconds and thought it was dumb. I used to listen to a ton of podcasts at the time and kept it in the loop when I ran out of other things. Just grew on me.
  8. Barrel Bucket

    Episode 463 - 2016 Holiday Spectacular

    Wow, I swore there more people doing more than one character other than Brendon Small.
  9. Barrel Bucket

    Episode 458 - Solo Bolo Cuatrolo

  10. Barrel Bucket

    Episode 463 - 2016 Holiday Spectacular

    Jesse Ventura: "One Week. Half a Fort Night." Time Keeper: "Uhhhhh Uhggg"
  11. Barrel Bucket

    Episode 463 - 2016 Holiday Spectacular

    Is there a breakdown of which people are voicing which characters? I know some of them. Who is the Time Keeper? And since when is he straight edge? haha!