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  1. I'm really proud of this one and would like to bump it
  2. My favourite character in "Star Wars"? Gonna have to go with that second 'S'!
  3. 50% of Italian wedding soups end in Italian divorce soups
  4. He shoots first and asks questions later. So he's a pretty terrible documentary filmmaker!
  5. Man's best Friend? Gonna have to go with Chandler.
  6. Be careful not to Jaywalk or you could end up in the Headlines!
  7. "Walk dog" is at the top of my To-Do list, but "Dorothy's dog" is at the top of my Toto list
  8. "Well," he said, exiting the bathroom of the revolving restaurant, "It looks like the tables have turned."
  9. Every day is garbage day when your neighbour steals all of your garbage every day!
  10. The next era of adhesives notes will be post-Post-It
  11. Have fun, will travel. Have judge? Will GAVEL.
  12. Rye Ann Mack Sim Ick

    Put Another Plug In The Baggy